Finally some decent DEC!

in #sptlast year

I have slowly gotten the custom of having more probabilities receiving just only 1 card...

But Finally!


With an odd wonder, when potions were not used, thanks to @shaidon's guidance for switching it off, I got a lot more decent DEC and landed myself my new favourite card.

Half of the time when the potions were on, my DEC rewards were kind of pathetic...

This was on 17 February 2020

As example...


Which I didn't quite like it because I hardly use gelatinous cube at the moment.

But nevertheless, maybe someone else will find it useful if I keep getting them and combine all of them to lease it out later.

Now I am torn in 2 as I have wasted AHEM Invested 12 steem on another game called Steemcity; and I hope with both investments , there are more ways to exchange funds or even getting to increase my STEEM savings later.

Right now FOMO is happening even the game is on Beta mode; but it looks pretty nice compared to HolyBread

Until Then


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I am glad I could help. :D

Im keeping well way from these new games. All of them cost time which is worse than losing STEEM.

At least I have some content to write on (for new games).

Just the battles themselves already caused me a lot of time the higher I go haha... but it is good because today I managed to had a quick win and complete my quest with 3 neutrals.

Regarding the new game steemcity; it is actually a numbers game. So I basically should only log in once a day to check on the status of the city especially when my cards are few; but splinterlands require strategic mind to play at times not to mention the right timezone to avoid regular slaughters haha.

Regarding the new game steemcity; it is actually a numbers game.

Same with holybread, it needs some more features to make it worthy of 'playing'.

But holy bread is..... Not appealing to my artistic side... at least steemcity are cute clean icons.

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