I did it! I cramped through to Gold League!

in #sptlast year



It was such a hard battle! But I managed to stay in Gold II league!

The battles weren't easy, but I am really glad that some of the upgrades paid off.

Especially when I managed to upgrade my "death stars" to level 2, it does make quite a bit of a difference even though some of my epic cards are still level 1, and I called my level 2 Dragon Summoner.

How much have I spent?

As far as I have used around 90% my own STEEM and others are purchased via DEC with a total of almost USD 20 spent, I am pretty happy with my current deck, and I know I still need to earn that ultimate Rulers of the Seas card that is hyper expensive at the moment.

Excluding the blessed starter pack that allowed me to try out this game.


This is my dream card now.


And I still need about 6,000 DEC before I can afford a new one.


And my latest battle win in Gold II landed me a nice card with some yummy DEC; but still FAR from achieving my goal.

Unless DEC value spikes haha

Other than that, it has been a nice upgrade for me for now.

Until Then

Invest wisely and Happy Battling!

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Wow! Congratulations! You work very hard to get there! This cause a celebration!
All the best with your savings in your card!

Don't forget your 5000 over STEEM for your mom's surgery too!

Thank you!
And yeah... I am trying to find ways to make games to run passively some income for me.

Congratz :D
Ruler of the sea is a mad card :D

Yeah, and it is expensive.

Yes it is!
I got it as a quest reward once :D

I haven't have that much favoured yet.

It did take a long time hehe :p
And with the new system, I dont know what the chance are :c

I am just hoping that I get some handsome DEC to stack up for it later. But I am still far from it and my deck isn't strong enough to enter any tournament. haha. I am not that good yet.

I have bought quite a few cards from someone who didn't play that much anymore, so thats just my luck :D
You could otherwise use peakmonsters and then rent good cards :D

oh nice!
I might rent but now I am investing on another game which actually is more expensive lol but has passive income daily

No referral link, and can't do anything since this coup happened anyways. Most chains are down.