No Cards Rewards... But with First Dragon Quest Experience

in #sptlast year


It ccan be a little displeasing to see when you just had a nice card, and then suddenly there was NO CARD AT ALL.

The consolation part is that I got a juicy 210 DEC that I can save aside for my dream card.


The interesting part today is that I get to see a Dragon Splinter Quest for the very first time!


Maybe that's just for Gold league onwards?

Fortunately, my Dragon Summoner is level 2, so any card I used that is leveled up I would have more advantage...

Unless I meet the gold card league!


Another observation I noticed is not all gold league has double criteria in every battle. And it is regardless whether I am battling a silver league or not. The algorithm for randomness is quite fascinating.

Other than that, I guess I should be grateful with my quick win today. I only lost 1 over 5 battles. WHEW!

Until Then

Invest wisely and Happy Battling!

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