Really??? Not even one..

in #sptlast year


It has been such a sad day after trying to battle with players with better card and levels... and when a quest is finally done, there was no card to be found....

Maybe I ran out of potions...?

So now we have a probability of no cards rewards with / without potions; and this can be quite messed up because the DECs is also low.


The only consolation that I have received today was finding this from the CheapMonsters announcement...

And no, I didn't go for stress shopping. haha.

I found this card hours prior before I completed my quest.


Wait... please don't tell me the probability of rewards ties to purchases...

Maybe I am just not having much favoured chances today.

Like it or not, my fellow friend who avidly invests and play splinterlands mentioned that it was a good buy; so at least this will work much better when it is teamed up with stronger summoners.

Now... I will need to acquire move basic elemental summoners, while I collect more and more of my frequently used cards for my battles.

But I will need to write more in this account to save up some tokens to buy cards... 😆

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Can't say I'm happy about the lack of cards now. Still, it's their game.

So far I haven't gotten any really tangible nice cards...

I've had some where it's just straight DEC. But I like to save the potions up until I can open some packs. I found a Legendary card today, which paid for the pack itself so I that's awesome.

I find if it is straight DEC and it is still not too bad of an amount it is ok; but I realised that potions are there by default on opening so it gets used up pretty much.

In the settings you can switch off the option to use potions on rewards cards.
This way you can play with the cards you have, amass potions and then occasionally when you have heaps, buy some booster packs or some orbs and then open the, for the increased chance of legendaries.
There’s no guarantee of course but occasionally a park or orb can pay for itself.

I have tried the orb before and even with boosted potions it didn't turn out any. However I did get some rare.

I heard that untamed exists in tokens in the steem-engine??

Yes. The tokens are called UNTAMED and they are currently ultra cheap right now.

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Tough draw. :( Sorry about the lack of !monster flips. I hope your next Quest box is much better. :)

It didn't turn out that well. I kept getting repeated common beta cards that I never use in the battles because others are much useful.
Maybe I will max it enough and then burn them into DEC later.