STEEM Power Up Day : Coming off the Sidelines

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Buy Low and Sell High they say. It’s always easier said than done and while I am not entirely confident that STEEM has hit the ultimate low, it certainly has fallen a long way from the peak (over 98%) so it’s hard to argue that it is not LOW at 12 cents. So I’m a buyer at this level and what better way to buy and power up than on the Steem Power Up Day of December 1st, 2019.


I still remember those heady days of early January 2018 when STEEM peaked. I was on holidays at the time just after New Years and had been powering down because I thought the market was showing signs of mania. I remember fumbling around on my wifes phone and selling a bunch of STEEM at around $5 USD while we were between the pool and the BBQ….and then kicking myself only days later when it shot up to $8. It sure was one way to ruin the holiday relaxation! It’s always hard to time these things to perfection but in hindsight I think I did ok. I turned outright bearish on STEEM (and SBD) some time in 2018 and was pretty public about it but never did I think things would get as bad as they have. Never did I think STEEM would drop down to 12 cents.


Am I bullish now though? Well, honestly I’d like to be but I’d be lying to claim bullishness at this point. The ecosystem still has a fair share of problems, both technical and cultural – but deep down I feel that STEEM (or something like it) simply has to survive. Our world is facing some big problems at the macro level and a big one of them is in the social media space. Back in 2017 I hadn’t heard the term “Total Tech” before, but now I see it everywhere. We are seeing all the big players : Facebook, Twitter, Reddit all clamping down on free speech and we desperately need a social media platform that has censorship resistance. Steemit is not perfect, but with an immutable blockchain and a growing number of alternative front ends available – it’s still the best we’ve got right now and that’s got to count for something.


I was hoping that the whole "Free Downvote" kerfuffle would have played out by now and I’d made a mental note to buy back in after the dust had settled on Hard Fork 21 so that I could see what the landscape looked like first. That ugly chapter still has a bit to play out and we still aren’t seeing a great blooming of “Manual Curation” either (as was promised by those selling the HF21 story) but SPUD is a good idea that was enough to get me off the sideline even if only a little bit. I can always buy more STEEM later. I only just qualify for SPUD because I am about to hit the reputation ceiling so this is my one shot at showing how it’s done.


I may even hit reputation 69 from the upvotes on this post. It’s taken me over 2 years to get this far but I guess that’s a bit of a milestone worth celebrating too.





Special thanks to all the great sponsors, organisers and promoters of SPUD. I tip my hat to you and all those other great Steemians who are taking part in SPUD this time around.




Hey man, I remember you knew it was going down and it was a long way down..a damn shame, but yeah is how these things work sometimes - capitalism and all!. Glad you played it well and have come back charged. P.s. Don't forget to check out @ibt-survival - calling forth all those old IBT players :)

Congrats! on your upvotes from the IBT Community'

Thanks mate. I often don't like being right and this was one of those times. Glad to see you're still working on your games. I'll try and check in on you soon.

Good to see you around, It sure looks like a near bottom to me!👍

Thanks. Still a long road to recovery ahead but hopefully we've seen the worst of it now. Good to see you still around too.

Wow, you really Bugged out @buggedout in support of Steem and #spud BIG THANK YOU!!!

Thank you @streetstyle for giving me the inspiration to get off the sidelines. I've been holding off for a long while now and SPUD just gave me the little push I probably needed. Keep up the great work!

Glad to hear @buggedout Sometimes we just need that small catalyst that propels us to new levels. Keep on bugg'in and full steem ahead!

Estoy de acuerdo contigo, esta es la mejor red social que hay que promocionarla y fortalezca en el tiempo

tiene razon @oresteg Saludos!