Powering Up More Steem on SPUD X

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SPUD X - 1 February 2020

Joining in here with SPUD X - to power up yet more Steem for the future...…………here is an extra 800 going into the SteemPower pot!

STEEM POWER UP - 2020.jpg

Further information here from the originator of the SPUD CAMPAIGN @streetstyle https://steemit.com/spud/@streetstyle/putting-spud-x-on-the-m-a-p-february-1-2020-steem-blockchain-community

Are you going to join the campaign to power up more Steem and get your SteemPower working for you with curation rewards?


Awesome man! 800 more steem locked up.
I’ll do this today too 🤟🏻

Good stuff Ash. Hopefully you’ve had some good rewards to generate Steeem this month.

Not particularly, I must admit.
Only done a handful of posts and all my rewards have been SP anyway, but I do have a bit of steem I’d be happy to power up, maybe 50 or so!
But I do like to keep liquid where possible!

Good to see you spudding as well!

Ps casting my first upvote from my spanking new 20k account 😂

NICE! I feel privaledged! Does make you a quadruple dolphin.

Or a 40% Orca! But I'll go with quadruple dolphin, better to be multiples of something instead of bits of something ^_^

40% Orca! Well nearly half then!

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I have just powered up 1800 Steem two days ago. Position in network is much more valuable than liquid asset. Cheers!

Nice one : if only you had waited for SPUD X - you would have had a decent chance of winning some prizes!

Nice SPUD 👍👍

Thanks Dave - thanks for supporting the initiative!

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Oooon big boy spudding almost 2 minnows worth! I love it, let’s see some big moves in 2020

Yep let’s hope the price 10X this year! That would be nice. Thanks

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Lol I’d be smiling pretty big if that happens but I’m happy either way I like having more steem maybe I’m just greedy

Thank you @cryptocurator for supporting #spud All help and support is appreciated. Take care.

Great work @streetstyle..... will watch your results with interest. Must be getting harder to administrate if more people are now joining Spud.

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It is growing, but luckily I have the time so bring it on for the next #spud. Thanks for joining in to @cryptocurator Take care.

Oh, SPUD Everything is speed and Joy ...

.... it surely is a good initiative... thanks for dropping by. You keep on joining spud. You will be a minnow before you know it.

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glad to know so many support from steemians.
Good job..

It’s gathering a lot of support. Thanks for joining in.

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my pleasure