Stop your Power UP! Instead, do it on Steem Power Up Day (SPUD) May 1st

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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there:


I just wish we wouldn't have to have such things and people would just power up automatically. If you are a long term thinker which most say they are then power up all the time and tie the Steem up in our accounts.

I believe education is the biggest hurdle here. Even those that do 'pay out in 100% Steem Power' might do so because they don't know how/why and what the economics are of the blockchain. But yes, I'm excited when I see users power up and not sell for as long as we're still in this precious building phase :-)

I'm gonna power up as much Steem as I have as I am sure a lot of people will.
It's gonna be lit ✌✌
Great post and thanks for the mention @soyrosa.

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Powering up is super important and often not understood by users who have just signed up. I'm just hoping one or two people will power up who have never done so before :D I'm all for 'tiny wins' :D Cheers and thanks for joining!

Couldn't miss it 🤘🤘

OK, people. I powered up 60 Steem. Let's do this.

Congratz! :D
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I tried to motivate people to buy Steem on Sunday with my last post. Not much activity. I will power up on May 1. I resteemed this post. Maybe it will work this time. Hope springs eternal, right.

It's a big step for many to buy STEEM - they will regret not doing it in a few months ;-) It's part of the learning process. Thanks for trying to get people to do so! And for the resteem :-) Cheers!

Resteeming, and sharing with my homies. This is awesome. woo!

Thanks for the resteem and sharing! <3 I think the whole day was fun, have never seen so many people share their powerups :-)
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Just bought 527SP ✅😊

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Congratulations! That's a very wise move :D
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It is the best time to power up while steem is in the crapper price levels. Let's Power this shit up. 😎

The more we power up now the harder we shoot UP later on ;-) I'm hoping these are the last weeks/months we'll have these low prices :-)

It is just there is a lot of sell pressure when steem does go up @soyrosa :|

Hi Rosa.

You can add me to the list of SPUD-ers 😉

I just bought 750 Steem from selling other cryptos (shitcoins I bought during the last market peak and aren't ever going to recover) and with that and upcoming rewards I might even have 800-900 steem to power up on May the 1st.

I'm joining just because I like supporting Steemians who take fun initiatives and am always curious to see how far they can reach.

Great to hear that you're joining in as well 🙂I wrote a funny post today about my plans to make dolphin on steem power up day. Finally, I shall be swimming the seas of steem as my favorite marine mammal!

Oh YESSS!!! SPUD is fun, but you entering the Dolphin ranks makes me truly happy :D Good thinking getting rid of all those shitcoins and turning them into STEEM (Power) :-) Cheers @raj808!

Thanks for the encouragement, and adding me into your post as well. I'm glad to be joining the steem dolphin pod Rosa 🙂🐬

That's my man there, ET steem ambassador extraordinaire @raj808, back at you buddy this is massive

Thanks Jose 🙂 hmnnn... I'm wondering what ET stands for? 'Excellent Twitter' steem ambassador maybe? 😂

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I’m in. Won’t power up today’s juice. I’ll also probably bring in some fiat too since we are currently below my dollar cost average ☀️

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Yesss! Glad you're joining @adetorrent :D Oh yeah - bringing in some FIAT... I hope I can do that soonish too <3 Enjoy buying! :D

I am surprised I missed this but I too will participate and buy some Steem to power it up! I can almost touch 20k!

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YES!!! 20k is a great, great achievement - I'm stoked you'll be able to get to those levels and support SPUD along the way :-) Cheers!

Good idea. I just record video to my polish community. Lets joint to SPUD.

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Thanks for sharing it in your community as well @jozef230! The more who want to join, the better :-)

Cool! I am in :) Thanks for telling us about this thing, I would´t know...

Wh00p! Glad you're joining @phortun - I think I saw #spud for the first time via a resteem, but it hasn't gotten big attention. I though I'd try to get at least a few extra people to join :-)

I am all set to power up....exactly at 00:01 01-May-2019. Going to make this day as "Steem Day".....resteemed

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:D Thanks a lot for joining and powering up the 1st @steemflow! The resteem is very much appreciated as well :-)

This is an amazing post and so well written. Thank you for such a great explanation of what SPUD is, and especially how much it has grown and now there are now many more STEEMIANS supporting it that I knew of, it is incredible. Again, thank you @soyrosa

Glad you liked the post @streetstyle - you did the most important thing, after that it's the community that has to take over by writing posts and resteeming :D Cheers and thank you!

Definitely, awesome to see you will dive in for SPUD, I've been really thinking of ways to get hold of @theycallmedan I'm glad he will be kicking in, well I love powering up, it's like everything, by the way I'm Josediccus again lol just for emphasis

Hehe - I actually saw Dan mention it on Twitter I think, didn't research his blog for mentions about it, but I guess the idea landed with him as well!

I saw @theycallmedan chillin & curating show and he said he's powering up 10000 steem for SPUD. Lol, dhenz is coming with the big guns 🤣

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He's bringing it, that's a checkmate master move man wow 10k?

My SPUD up vote next year will worth over $1.

Thanks for being part of us @soyrosa.


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:D 1$ is just such a cool number to be able to give as an upvote! I'm hoping to get there asap too ;-)

I always power up!

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Let's join our forces and make it happen! xD

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I love how the Steem Community can come together and en-masse try to move something :-)

One step that could increase awareness should be to either read the WP or do a test about the understanding of the economy. People still mess up with keys and have no complete understanding about how payout are calculated.

Let's Power Up for a better future! Thanks for the mention @soyrosa

Yes, it would be incredible if signing up on Steem involved a short tutorial/test so we at least know new users understand the concepts reward pool, keys, and powering up :-) Thanks @bafi! :-)

alright sounds like a plan =) I have been doing that consistently now anyway, but will join in on May1st with what I have =)

Me too - I'm powering up constantly, but it's cool to spread the word and see if we can also get some peepz to do it who otherwise wouldn't! :D

Ever since the last Steemit "upgrade" where we view our wallet in a second window, I am only able to view my Private Posting Key (the only one I have written down) - how do I reveal my Active one so I can Power Up again? Thanks! HALP! @soyrosa

Thank you for the mention @soyrosa

Let's make a huge difference tomorrow!

Yes - let's do it! Thanks for your support for the movement @runicar :-)

Thanks to @runicar I will have something to power up soon as the calendar hits 1 of may

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Wh00p! Glad you're able to join in @bobskibob :-)

Yessss I haven't powered up in a while. Definitely doing it with y'all tomorrow! #Steem love!!!

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Yessss!!!! You're one of the Steemians I need to see in the Dolphin ranks this year :D

I do enjoy a good SPUD, but unfortunately I have 0 STEEM available to power up :(

Well, you're getting a nice sum of SBD in 2 hours and have some SBD: if you convert/trade those for STEEM on the internal market you can power up :D

Yeah, I should get a nice chunk of SP too 😀, thanks for reminding me.

I am in and will do tommorow. Thanks for sharing the nice article.

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And thank you for joining! :-)

I will be joining in tomorrow 😁

Yesss!!! :D

That's tomorrow... Okay, I'm in; when the clock strikes 12 tonight I'll immediately power up some :-) Thanks for the heads-up!

Wh00p! I'm going to do so in about 30-60 minutes :-) Glad you're joining as well!

Just found out about SPUD ... Just in time, will powerup some steem tomorrow .... resteem to spread the word.

Yay! :D Glad you're joining and thanks for the resteem @manorvillemike!

I saw his first post and have been building up for SPUD day, and infact as its already Spud day down in NZ where i am from I guess I can do my powering up shortly ;)

Yes! I'm waiting for one last payout in 29 minutes and after that I'll do my Power Up :D It's almost 1AM on May 1st here, so I can definitely join in the fun! :-)

Cool its great to see so many joining the fun, I may do a second power up tomorrow as well to get my total power up to 150

This is a cool idea! Really curious to see if it actually has an impact 🙂

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It will be interesting to see the results of this initiative.

Also it would make sense to switch to 100% steem on blogs rewards etc instead of the default 50/50 steem sbd split.

When both are below a dollar it makes more sense to go fully in on steem for rewards.

Stack steem while it's cheap!


Luckily I saved some liquid steem to power up, looks like I’ll save it for May 1st. Didn’t hear about SPUD until just now as I read your post. Spread the word !!

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Hehe - when I read your 3000 STEEM post I didn't want to take away from that glorious moment by telling you that you had to save if for May 1st ;-) Glad you can still join! :D

Yeah I wish I would have known lol but not a worry bc I still have over 100 STEEM to power up this Wednesday

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Thanks a lot for creating content about this. So, few people did I feel. No post about this topic in trending. Really strange. Thanks to @streetstyle who created this and for all those who created content about it. I think it will be a great day anyway. I'm relly glad that a steemian like you created about this, I see you commenting almost everywhere and that's awesome. I also comment a lot. Let's make #spud trending at least tomorrow.

I just found out that the first may is an International Workers' Day as well, so it's really related, most of us worked hard to get their steem power earned and that's also great that the first may was chosen.

I just found out that the first may is an International Workers' Day as well, so it's really related, most of us worked hard to get their steem power earned and that's also great that the first may was chosen.

Indeed - it is International Workers Day! Nice symbolic day to do the SPUD :-) Glad you're joining as well!

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

woot-woot, the spud train is here baby!

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Hehe - before this day I didn't even know that SPUD had any meaning, let alone potatoes :D
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haha yup, where I'm from we call potatoes "spuds" every once & awhile.

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Great idea!! Will def join!

Yay! I can now officially say I helped to get at least one Steemian to join :D

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You got a 37.69% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @soyrosa! :)

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