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in #spud2 months ago

I am pleased to report that my account is still 100% powered up. I have my post rewards set to 100% SP to get more TRX; So, I don't get SBD that I need to convert to SP. My post earnings have always been small; so I wouldn't have much to power up anyway.

My account now has 364.807 STEEM. SteemItWallet says my account is worth $371.22 .

I am pretty much powered up 100% since the day that I started STEEM 40 Moons ago. I used some STEEM to create accounts and communities. I also transferred some STEEM to Steem-Engine. Basically, all of my STEEM is still here in STEEM somewhere.

Steem-Engine appears to be in a rut. I don't understand Steem politics and fear that SE has been abandoned. So, I assume that the money I transferred to the project is gone. I checked my account on steem-engine.net. I powered up all of my alt-coins. I now have 12,723 POINT, 110,765 PHOTO, 19,205 DIAMOND and 14 BPC. There are no buy bids for these coins; so I assume that they have no value.

Since I had a SteemIt account before the troubles of 2020, I have an account on a similar platform. From that account I am able to buy NFT.

Since I have have very little in the way of coins, I can only afford bargain basement NFTs. An NFT is a record on the blockchain that holds a piece of art. This my NFT Showroom Gallery . I only have bargain basement NFTs. I bought the works for about 8 SWAP.HIVE.

Buying an NFT is pretty much the same as powering up ... of course, the coin is on a different blockchain, but it was fun going through the gallery and buying the cheapest artwork



Hey nice to see you back and still looking to build your Crypto, since its the start of the Easter weekend send me your TRX wallet address and i will send you some.