Thanks for participating in #spud4steem, thats a great power up you have done - not far till you reach 2000sp

I worked out you had a 65% increase

hi @kiwiscanfly - thanks. It was good to be a part of this contest and also good now to have more SP to play with.

I see that I am number 7 on the list at the moment and understand I will therefore get a runner up prize. Will you be in contact with me in the next couple of days on that?

Have you done an acceptance post for #spud4steem?

No, but can do. What does the post need to contain?

We now ask all winners to make a post about what prize they won like the example winner did below with (Selfie), This is done to protect our kind sponsors from accounts that do not act in the spirit of the #SPUD4STEEM message.

Here's an example

Winners have 24 hours to complete this task - the ⏰is ticking....

You have an hour :)