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I have been sponsoring #spud4steem for the past 6 months as i believe this event is very important to the entire Steemit eco-system. So with being a sponsor i am not eligible for any prizes, however i have a personal target of getting to 10,000sp which this will help with ✅


Today i am powering up another 363SP

Here is my wallet before hand showing the 8309SP i already have and the 363 i will power up

Here i am powering up the 363SP


Here is my wallet after that power up showing my new balance of 8672!


That works out to be a 4.3% increase - yee ha


Thanks to all the other sponsors

So that is my contribution to this months #spud4steem

All screen shots/graphics are mine

Kind regards


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Thank you very much for your support :)

Trust me getting to 10000 steempower is worth it, I'm glad to hear of your goal I'm on a mission to reach 15000 before the end of the year, awesome power up I hope you reach you goal soon, thanks for the support.

Good stuff cuz - go KIWIS

You just have to have more net SP than me aye?

haha only got just a little more than you net SP wise

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