15 Hours till #spud4steem

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We are only 15 hours away from the start of the October 1st edition of #spud4steem, With over 14,000 in Steem power delegations to be won this promises to be the biggest #spud4steem on record.

What are the Prizes?

Check this list of AWESOME prizes on offer - imagine YOUR wallet for the next 21 days with one of these prizes
@steemcurator02 will also provide some awesome upvotes, check this out!
@stephenkendal is also providing some SBD's as prizes

Entry requirements

This will show you the #spud4steem guidelines


These awesome sponsors provide the great prizes on offer
Let the Countdown begin......

All pictures and graphics are designed and owned by me :)

I am @kiwiscanfly


Estoy preparado para el SPUD4STEEM!
Ansioso también de ver quien se llevará los premios de este mes!

Good stuff

it might be you again :)

Eso espero 🙌🔺

I look forward to this day.
This is a good competition of course I will participate in this competition.

Excellent good to hear, some awesome prizes on offer

good luck

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