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With well over 11,000 in Steem power in prizes on offer, the August edition of #SPUD4STEEM is fast approaching! Simply by Powering up some Steem power gives you an opportunity to win prizes :)


1st Prize

With our new sponsor @steemchiller coming onboard first prize is now worth a whopping 5000SP delegation for 21 days
The $90 upvote from @steemcurator01 is another fantastic prize for the winner

2nd Prize

Second place has a 2500sp delegation for 21 days with an upvote from @steemcurator01 of around $60, this prize is very impressive as well :)

3rd Prize

Imagine having an extra 1800SP for 21 days? chuck in a 25% upvote from the team @steemcurator worth around $30 this prize would be good to win.

4th & 5th Prize(s)

An extra 1000sp for 21 days would give any account a boost, add in some upvotes from @steemcurator01 and we have some great prizes even for coming 4th or 5th
4th 5th place.jpg


stephen prize.jpg
once again @stephenkendal will add these prizes to this competition


We are now asking all future winners to make a post similar to the July winners one below, this is being done to protect our kind sponsors from any account not acting in the spirit of the #SPUD4STEEM message.

We would have nothing if it were not for these awesome sponsors

& me:)

There is roughly 16 days till August 1st so please re-steem this post so we can build on the July #SPUD4STEEM

I am @kiwiscanfly



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Looking good !

Thanks for organizing this.

The Steemit Team

Wow. Such an amazing reward. I hope it will attract more people to invest in this amazing platform.

Cheers, mate.

I think they should put a minimum acceptable amount to compete, I see unfair that a user of 15 Sp invest 45 Sp having 300% win the contest, while another user who has 500Sp and invest 25o Sp investing 50%, is not taken into account for the award.

This is my humble point of view.

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