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Its Midnight here in New Zealand which means its the 1st of October #spud4steem day 😀, the Chicken has made a return from what he called a holiday and is looking forward to another #spud4steem.


We have awesome prizes in the biggest prize pool on record, users must power up in their Countries time zone on October 1st.

and this


but wait there is more...


These awesome sponsors provide the great prizes on offer

Lets go Team Steemit

All pictures and graphics are designed and owned by me :)

I am @kiwiscanfly



Что это

This is a competition about increasing your steempower

I wait for this day

This is really very cute! ❤️

Please tell me the winner : )

I will have preliminary results out in about 12 hours - will keep you posted :)

I am not ready for it, just thinking to restart on Steemit
Hope I will join spud4steem next month or may be 2 months...

this is great what a nice move

Hi everyone, follow me for kpop news and updates.


De qué trata exactamente el concurso?


its all about increasing your stake and influence around here

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i missed it :(

i am new in the community can someone explain?

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