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Its been 7 months since the Steemit team asked if we would be willing to run #SPUD4STEEM every month, over the past 7 months we have seen some Great deserving Winners which is what we like to see.
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We have also seen some instances that we feel need to be addressed moving forward into 2021, with that said we wil not be running #SPUD4STEEM on January 1st but will be back better than ever on February 1st 2021
We are taking a break to review the guidelines and give us time to finalize them before we start back on 1st February 2021.


What will 2021 look like?

Well thanks to one of our Kind Sponsors @steem.history who has kindly offered to increase sponsorship, that means we will have an 18,000SP prize pool to start 2021 with.





Firstly thank you to all sponsors who provide delegations as prizes - Thank you

So with that i would like to Wish everyone a happy Xmas and a great New Year, this year has been challenging for all of us & i am looking forward to 2021.

Roll on 1st February 2021

I am @kiwiscanfly



Hi @kiwiscanfly

The Christmas holidays will be good, with a break until 1 February 2021 with Spud4Steem. Thanks for doing the great job with Spud4Steem

Thanks for all your work on SPUD over the year.

A good time to take a break !

No worries, i have enjoyed it and can't wait for 2021

Thanks for all your help this year

Regards from Indonesian @steemcurator01 I am here, a newcomer from Indonesia.

Hello from NZ
If you are looking for anything to upvote i announced the 5 winners of #SPUD4STEEM yesterday

Thanks for the idea - now voted.

And thanks again for organizing SPUD.


Luka Doncic approves!

Love it - hope all is good with you


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Merecido descanso, esperemos que nos trae el 2021 y a prepararnos para el 1ero de febrero. Feliz navidad y Año nuevo...


I asked a few days ago, whether SPUD4STEEM will continue to run, I want to follow it, to become a member of SPUD4STEEM, greetings Indonesia.

Oh really? 🙁😓😣. I was building Steem & SBD to join January SPUD4STEEM event. It would be my first SPUD4STEEM as I joined Steem 20 days ago. But it seems like my luck is not so good.
Btw Thanks for conducting SPUD4STEEM 7 month continuously.

Hi @kiwiscanfly friend, I think i will miss spud4steem so much until february 2021, but it sounds great what is coming next year..!

Great work this year!
I look forward to your program in 2021!


Hi @kiwiscanfly,

Seasonal Greetings
Thank you for being a generous delegator

From @steem-sri.lanka