T Minus 2 days till July #SPUD4STEEM

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We are just about to the end of June which means the July #SPUD4STEEM is just around the corner, we have the biggest prize pool in #SPUD4STEEM history with 24,000SP on offer by way of 21 day delegations.

Are you ready to POWER UP SOME STEEM?

Check this list of prizes out


This competition has 5 prizes which are 21 day Steem power delegations from our great sponsors, having extra Steem Power will help make your account Stronger and that of the entire community



These kind sponsors are providing these great delegations as prizes, i really appreciate the work they all do around here


Want to know the entry requirements? - here they are


T Minus 2 Days until 1st July - are you ready?


I am @kiwiscanfly




Rápido gente de Steemit, no olviden hacer sus publicaciones anunciando su interés en participar.

Es una pre-participación y sin ella no califican. LEAN LAS REGLAS Y ENCIENDAN PARA GANAR!!!

#affable #venezuela

Hola amigo gracias por la información, una pregunta para participar este 1 de julio en el encendido se debe hacer con los Steem que uno disponga?

I Will to participate in this contest if there are no other obstacles. I hope there are no obstacles. Thanks you