My Power-Up process Screen Shots for #spud4steem

in #spud4steem5 months ago

Assalamu Alaikum and Hello to all Steemians,
It is 1st of June here in Pakistan and I am now powering up my account.

Screen Shot - Before Power-Up


Screen Shot - After Power-Up


I have before 266.226 SP and I power-up with 558.625 Steem and Now I am with 824.851 SP.

I am little excited and hoping to win some place in spud4steem winner list.



great power up there and supporting #spud4steem

thanks for powering up !

Hoping you win a prize :)

i just delegated 500sp to you for next 21 days for coming in 1st place in #spud4steem

Other sponsors should be in contact with you soon :)

Thanks for it, I will hoping to take benefit of it by curating Good Content on the platform. Hope to get success in it

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