Support SPUD4STEEM by Power Up 256 Steem.

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Hello lovely Steemian!
Today is September 1st 2020. The day we have been waiting for to support # SPUD4STEEM.
I am sure there are many people who will always support this agenda. for me this is an opportunity to add evidence of our love together. We want the community to continue to provide strong ties to all of us. the hope is that we will be able to feel as one unit to welcome a better tomorrow.

Can only power up 256 Steem.

The inactivity in Steem meant that I could only collect a little Steem. on this occasion I was only able to get 256,987 Steem. I immediately power up 256 Steem. I hope this will be one way to support the SPUD initiative. I hope that in the future we will be more supportive of getting bigger rewards.
In the power up process I did the following steps.

1. Open the wallet

At firs I open my wallet and see the rewards I have collected as shown in the following screenshot.


2. Press the button next to Steem

I press the down arrow to the right of the Steem value I got then I select the power up option so that it appears on the display screen like this and I fill the amount of Steem.


3.Confirm Power up

After making sure to enter the amount I have, I press the power up button and a confirmation appears as shown below


4. enter password

After I press OK then a password request appears to complete the power up process. I filled in my password and hit the sign in icon. This is as shown in the following screenshot.

5. Complete Power Up

After I did the process, the power up was complete and I could see in the wallet there was a change in the display of the number of Steem Power and Steem as in the following screenshot.


To prove it is more real, I also opened so that you can see the power up that I did as in the following screenshot.


I need to thank to all sponsor in this SPUD

That is my writing this time, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it. Comment, upvote, and resteem are appreciated so much.


Excellent work and thanks for participating in #spud4steem

i worked out a 7.6% increase for you

You will be at 4000 Steem power before you know it

Join #thediarygame to earn more SP

You are welcome. I am so glad to participate

Thanks so much for your support and powering up.

You are welcome


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