Spud4Steem Acceptance of Prize

in #spud4steem8 months ago

Hi ,

I won the spud4steem contest in August and came in 4th place.

I am thankful and grateful to @kiwiscanfly for organizing this contest. We will be able to use the proceeds towards supporting our new communities on steemit.


we look forward to all food lovers having a common hood for all of us to hang out :)


A room for a billion plus people :)

Once again I wish to congratulate the winners and participants and the organizers for coming up with such a good contest.

Here is my photo proof.




Congrats! Delegation sent

Thank you so much ;)

I just delegated you 500SP for the next 21 days :) - enjoy

Other sponsors will make contact shortly

Thank You so Much ! Let the first upvote of my newly acquired power go to you ! :-D

Excellent picture :)

Good work on 4th place in #spud4steem

Steem on

Many Congratulations @sajannair

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