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Hello @kiwiscanfly
Actually the community account is new and not having 500 SP till now but due to the contribution of our members we are preparing to powerup 2000 SP this coming Spud4steem.
Should we first powerup 500 to be eligible or should we powerup at once on the 1st of july?


Accounts wanting to enter #SPUD4STEEM need to be active almost daily users of Steemit, i see this is your first comment in around 2 odd months.

You have only made 1 post since the 17th May, that is not what we class as being active

By all means Power up your account but based on the above you would not be eligible for the #SPUD4STEEM prize pool sorry.

We will power up 500 before #spud4steem and as I mentioned before account is new and will post regularly from now on.
Will we eligible for it than?

Posting regularly for the next 6 days until the July #SPUD4STEEM is still not what i call being active.

How about you keep being active and enter the August #SPUD4STEEM

So NO, you will be eligible for the July #SPUD4STEEM prize pool