Hello Steemians!

Its time for a NEW writing and creatives challenge! In less than a week, on the 1st of July, there is a contest called #SPUD4STEEM.

In this contest, the community is encouraged to POWER UP STEEM they have in their wallet and to cancel any power-downs they might have. So if you have some post payouts coming your way, or have idle STEEM, we propose saving it and POWER it up on the 1st of July!



1. Make creatives for #spud4steem

For this challenge, you can create any graphics you can think of! Nice post thumbnails, gifs, banners, videos,.. anything the community can use now, or any other Spud on the first of each month. Tag #spud4steem and we will find you!

2. Create a post about #spud4steem

One of the rules is that you have to make a post about #spud4steem prior to the event on the 1st of July. So with this challenge, you are going to get a chance to win 1 of the BIG prizes that members of the community have donated. In your post, you just let the community know that you are going to participate in #spud4steem and power up STEEM that day!

Things you can include are:

  • What was your biggest power up so far?
  • How much STEEM POWER would you like to have?
  • Why is it important to have STEEM POWER?
  • Who would you want to support if you had 1 million STEEM POWER?
  • How much STEEM POWER would change your life? The life of your family?

3. Here are the prizes you can win:

Some love and appreciation to the sponsors of this event:
@xpilar @reflektor @hingsten @bippe @steemcurator01 @ciska @kiwi-crypto @steem-supporter @stephenkendal

Make a post now about #spud4steem - Power Up ANY amount of STEEM on the 1st of July - Brag about it in a post tagging #spud4steem - EARN & WIN -

We upvote ALL POSTS that are about #spud4steem - AND @steemcurator02 will visit you too!


This is great... i participe

That would be awesome!

It is great to see the @steemingcurators community showing support for this great initiative.

Hi @tolustx thank you and we hope to see you on #spud4steem!

I'll post!

We cant wait for your entry! Thanks Juan

Great post on SPUD4STEEM.
Enjoy your delegation as fifth place in June SPUD4STEEM. Thank you!

Yes we hope you enjoyed your price! See you on #spud4steem

Great contest for #spud4steem, thanks for organizing this contest.

We are happy if you are happy!
See you on #spud4steem!

Wow🤩🤩!! What a good initiative ! It will definitely avail much SP to the winners .

No doubt SP is the best laurels as every other valuables in steemit are factored into it! But I am kind of not motivated to participate because I might not be the lucky winner.

Am I being unreasonable???😄😄

You just need to power up enough! So I believe you can make it! Its not about luck, we are not drawing the winners. Its based on how much you have right now and how much you power up!

Thanks for the encouragement. I will review my earlier stand.

I'll be in... anticipating 😊

Hi and thank you so much for your post! We hope you be in the TOP 5!!

Thank you too . I hope to be in the Top 5 too !!!

Seems to be a great way to promote power ups and saving more steem!

It is right! Gaining more influence on Steemit with an extra challenge. Just make a post about it now, and check how much you can power up on the 1st of July!

For me anyday is #SPUD4STEEM I couldn't help myself to power up my liquid SBD and turn them into liquid STEEM and power them up as I don't want to miss out on the curation rewards that are so much lucrative now. But I will follow the custom tradition of SPUD4STEEM with everyone else on that special day!

Yes that is an awesome vision! Every Steem counts and the more you have, the more you earn! AWESOME BABE

#Steem On ! ♨♨♨

YESSS! Thanks for support!

Ohwww yeahhh! Thank you so much for your entry Good luck too!

Muchas gracias!!

Saya akan berpartisipasi pada #spud4steem 1 Juli, saya sudah membuat postingan tentang spud4steem dan sudah menyiapkan Steem untuk saya Power Up.

Yes! #spud4steem and thanks for joining!

Gracias por la informacion ya hice una publicacion al respecto.

me gusta tu trabajo se mi amigo

Gracias por la info, no entiendo mucho lo a lo que se refieren con power up, pero participare con algun png o gif canchero!

Hello @steemingcurators. my post, thank this week make a live desing
este es mi instagram mi meta es crear 10.000 diseño propios y quiero cumplirla aqui en steemit. tengo muchos trabajos creados no los coloco en instagram :D espero seguir colocandolos aqui. si tienen miedo a vivir , nace y vivivela para que las aprendas, dándole fuerzas a la comunidad #steemit Yeah jou dont be scared

This is my entry for this contest, I hope you like!

Thanks you so much for the support!

This publication is in Spanish, can I re-upload it in the English language so that it reaches more people?

It is great !! :)

That is very cool and amazing.

type of contest which i'm finding. i will definitely make a post on #spud4steem and also take a part in it .

i create post graphics gif banner , i want :D

Hello, es interesante soy nuevo en steemit espero crecer dentro de la comunidad.

I will be part of this.

Look forward to your entry!

es que me imagino lo que haria yo si me ganara eso y me da cosa....

Hello, sorry - I was a bit late getting my post for this part of the contest in. In my time zone, it is still June 30th, but @kiwiscanfly is already in July 1st - so does my post still count? Or do we follow NZ time zone? Thanks!

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