oh my gosh! remember a few months ago when we were talking about it????? hahahahaha it's finally here!!!!!!!!!! and i'm so excited :)

Thank you @bengy!!!!! :)

It was more than a few months I think! Quite some time ago, but I'm happy that you are able to put it into action! Will you be running it like this, or will you be moving to a dedicated front end, so that the Steem part is hidden behind a 'normal' website/app?

Yep... Being built as we speak :)

This is just the alpha testing so we can work out any issues and mistakes now!

And yeah... Few months meaning... 6-ish? Hahahaha couldn't be more than that! I've only known you since our graduation lololol

Im super excited about this!!!! It's been fun to interact with the kids and challenge them gently! I really am hoping for but things with this project. I want to see this actually impact kids in a way that a "favorite teacher" is remembered all their lives!

Great to hear! I'll be curious when the front ends launch... at the moment, I'm not sure that I could get the older one to type up a post each day, time is short enough as it is!

we have templates that are SUPER easy to fill out! :) they take about 3 minutes hehehehe

but.... maybe when the time is right - she can join! and if not - we will still love her from afar!