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Can you hear me screaming in joy all the way over there?!!

Hahaha! Oh, wow, wow, wow is all I can muster!

The floodgates did open! And flow they must. Succeed you will. Mmmmm.

May the Spunk be with you and all your Monkees in joyful abundance always xxx



twinnie?!?!?!?!? what in the world - right????

weren't we just getting goosebumps over our ideas and wondering how we would make them fly?? hahahahahaha and now?? what! what???? LOLOL

oh my gosh! i can totally hear you screaming.

and laughing about that poor cow.


shhhhhhhhhhh. we don't speak of the cow LOLOLOLOL i love you!!!!!!

Lol!!!! Yes I remember vividly.

Great manifesting love! It can only get better and better.

Hahaha, yes we do not speak of the poor cow .... But yes it still makes me laugh, in other random conversations too! Then I remember ppl don't know if this secret cow, and I miss your laughter and company to roll on the floor. 😂😂😂😂

Someone I know thinks you and I should see a shrink about it. The idea made me laugh even harder, we would probably have the shrink rolling over in tears!! Hahahaha!!

Oh my gosh! ....

Back to SM - I'm excited for next year!

Gonna be a busy year.

Hahahahhahahahaa it was so heavy to drag!!!!!!!

I'm in a conference and trying to hard not to laugh!!!!!!

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I bet it was!!! Dragging it AND trying not to laugh.....

And of course keeping a straight face at the conference. Lol!!!