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in #spunkeemonkee3 years ago

So happy for you dreemie! I knew this was going to be a huge success!! I never have doubted on you!! So proud to be a monkee!!! Congratulations to you big sister!!! Thank you @aggroed you are amazing thank you for listening and supporting this project!!! Tgis is just the beginning I can’t wait to see it grow more!!!!!!!!!


Sissy!!!!!!!!!!!! :) can you believe it!?!?!?! hahahahahaha yessssssss i can't wait to see it grow more and more too!!! and i'm SO thrilled that the triplets are together in this hehehehehe

i love getting to be a part of your day!!! I absolutely love that you all are a part of this! oh man :) my heart is beaming :)

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