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The most amazing news ever! I am so happy for you, Dreem!!! And being in that room when this news was given was like no other - over the top!

It's a great idea and you took that idea and believed in it enough to put it out there. For that, others believed in you and your idea, too. For all the right reasons!

I am just tickled - not only for you but for the kids and all those participating in this amazing project.


oh my gosh i'm SO glad that you and your hubby witnessed it!!!!!!!!!!! IT JUST MADE IT THAT MUCH MORE EXCITING FOR ME TO KNOW THAT WE WERE ALL JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!!!


I'm SUPER tickled for the kids!!! I talk about it everyday - how I want to make this better for them - and this just made it better!!!!!!!! onwards and upwards!!!! :)

love to you my friend :)