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This is just awesome and not the least bit surprising. I've seen Aggz do this kind of thing before. Similarly, but not nearly as significant or 'valuable' in the big picture, but hugely meaningful for me – he delegated to my account the first time I was a guest on his show. He didn't say anything...I just suddenly had a vote slider. Confused me at first, but I was over the moon once I figured it out! He's a good ally to have – generous in his support of projects he knows will benefit the platform. ;) • So excited for you, love! You deserve this! <3


Thank you so much @zipporah!!!! Zippy - i was so thrilled last night - I think I bounced up and down for a solid 60 minutes. My cheeks hurt from all the excitement!!!!! hehehehe

wow - wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I truly believe in this project - i do! I think it's going to be something that is win/win/win/win/win for all! :) and you know how much i love those scenarios! :)

So glad you got to be there to be a part of the celebration hehehehee <3

It’s a beautiful project and more than worth believing in! 💜⭐️🙌🏼