"Slave", "Bloodied", "Captivity" - Three Women Have Filed Complaints Claiming they were Assaulted by Imran Awan

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Several Women Have Contacted Law Enforcement Describing Abuse at the Hands of Imran Awan.


The story surrounding the indicted former IT staffer of Debbie Wasserman Schultz keeps expanding. Imran Awan is now being accused of physically abusing several women who have now come forward with the claims.

Officers found one of the women bloodied and she told them she “just wanted to leave,” while the second said she felt like a “slave,” according to Fairfax County Police reports obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group. A third woman claimed she was being kept “in captivity.”

All three of the women who have made complaints to police are Muslim. It has been previously reported that one of the women accused Imran of keeping her in captivity, Samina Gilani, Imran's step-mother. Her claims are substantiated in a police report from early 2017, where Imran threated that he had the power to have people "kidnapped".

Americo vs. Abid Awan(1).png

Source Americo v. Abid Awan


The police filing also clearly states that Imran was monitoring Gilani with devices in the home and likely also had her phone hacked. Gilani claims that she was under enormous pressure from Imran and Abid to sign insurance papers relating to family inheritance she was legally entitled to from Muhammad Shah (believed to be Imran's father). The Awans were able to keep Gilani in a state of partial captivity keeping her under surveillance and taking advantage of the fact that Gilani did not speak English.

The two other women apparently had relationships with Awan outside of his marriage to Hina Alvi.

Neither of the other two women who complained are married to Awan, though both were apparently in relationships with him. Awan’s wife, Hina Alvi, worked as an IT aide for dozens of members of Congress including Wasserman Schultz. The two women who called the police both lived in the same Alexandria, Va., complex but in different apartments for which Imran paid.

A crying Salam Chaudry called police in December 2015 to the Manitoba Apartment complex for a “domestic dispute,” according to a Fairfax County police report.

The officer wrote that he “asked Ms. Salam why she was crying and calling police. Ms. Salam insisted nothing happened but that she wanted to leave. I went and spoke to Mr. Awan who quickly advised that he wanted to speak with a lawyer.”

“I asked him about the small amount of dried blood that appeared to be on his left hand,” the officer wrote. “He stated that it was from when his ‘roommate’ was getting the phone from him … After he left, I stayed and spoke with Ms. Salam about getting a protective order.”

The Daily Caller

Police responded to a similar domestic disturbance involving a third woman who appears to have also been abused by Mr. Awan.

Samara Siddique told authorities in a July 18, 2016, police report that “her boyfriend treat her bad and keep her there like a slave … [she] wants him out of her life. Ms. Siddique wanted info on how to obtain a restraining order against him.” The July 18 incident was the third time in less than a year police had responded to altercations between Siddique and Awan, once finding “small cut[s] on stomach and arm.”

Reporter Luke Rosiak, of The Daily Caller, has released a timeline of the abuse in his latest piece.


  • October 16th 2015 - Sumaira Siddique calls police to Manitoba Drive; they observe “cut on stomach and arm”

  • November 16th 2015 - Telephone threats (Imran Awan/Sumaira Siddique)

  • December 7th 2015 - Arrest warrant served on unknown person at Lachine Lane apartment

  • December 27th 2015 - Salam Chaudry calls police to Manitoba Drive; they find dried blood on her


  • July 18th 2016 Sumaira Siddique calls police to Lachine Lane and tells them Imran “treat her bad and keep her there like a slave”

  • November 18th 2016 - Imran stops paying rent on Sumaira’s apartment, leaving her to be evicted


  • January 5th 2017 - Samina Gilani calls the police on her stepchildren

  • February 2nd 2017 - They are banned from the Congressional network after Capitol Police discover a secret server

  • August 22nd 2017 - Wasserman Schultz expresses concern for Imran’s feelings, saying he is being “persecuted” and invoking his children

Things are beginning to spiral out of control for the Awan brothers as more and more evidence comes to light. The Awan legal defense team, in the ongoing bank fraud case, is yet to make a statement on the revelations of domestic abuse. Mr. Awan's high-powered lawyers, including long time Clinton accolade Mr. Gowen, have attempted to portray Imran as loving father who's fallen on hard financial times. They falsely argued that Mr. Awan has been forced to become an Uber driver in order to support himself and should have his 50 mile area limitations, imposed on him by the court, relaxed. There are no records of Imran Awan working for Uber.

If he did work for Uber, how in the world could he afford Clinton lawyers, and support his family?

Mounting Evidence

Recently, a second tenant of Imran's who rented a home for 9 months at the Sprayer St. address, one of the Awans' many properties, came forward to describe her frequent interactions with Mr. Awan. Laurel stated that Awan came by her home frequently to pick up mail and to do 'repairs' while also keeping 2 sheds on the property off limits to the family renting the home. The tenant described her dealings with Imran as very passive aggressive and she also was pressured by Imran to sign a multi year lease at the Sprayer address in Springfield, Va. Furthermore, she began to suspect that her phone and laptop may have been hacked and she also stated that she believes she may have been the victim of identity theft.

Andre Taggart, a former US Marine, was the first tenant to speak publicly about his dealings with Imran Awan and the discovery of computer equipment in the Hawkshead Dr. home in Lorton, Va.

Identity Theft

The revelations from Laurel at the Sprayer address have prompted citizen investigators to focus more intently on the renters and previous tenants of all of Imran Awan's properties in Virginia. Laurel remembers receiving registered mail for a former tenant at Sprayer and she also discovered several different iterations of her name relating to the property online.
The crowd sourced investigation has turned up a multitude of names and aliases tied to the properties and are attempting to determine whether a number of identity thefts may have been ongoing. Some are theorizing that Imran is not only using aliases for the homes and the home loans but that he may be using the multiple aliases as 'fake' congressional IT staffers in congress.


Reverse Address Search   Find Residents   Home Owners   Spokeo.png

Using Spokeo.com, users are able to do reverse address searches to determine the current and former occupants of homes across America.

I have visited the site myself several times and found multiple names associated with the properties of Imran Awan. Furthermore, the website produced a number of aliases related to Imran Awan. If you register with the site and enter credit card information you can gain access to a profile of Imran Awan's aliases. [Of course, I didn't sign up, we are talking about ISI and CIA agents here].

Muhammad Awan s Profile   Spokeo(2).png

Spokeo People Search   White Pages   Find People(2).png

Who Lives at 6314 Thomas Dr  Springfield  VA 22150   Spokeo(1).png

Who Lives at 6314 Thomas Dr  Springfield  VA 22150   Spokeo(2).png

The Washington Post

These new developments come on the heals of a WaPo piece designed to label and cast the citizen investigation as 'right-wing conspiracy theories' as well as portray Imran as a victim of Islamophobia and racism. Revelations that Imran Awan is a serial abuser of women just blew that strategy out of the water.

This is yet more evidence that the case of Imran Awan goes far beyond simple bank fraud and that there's much more to the story than TPTB would care to divulge to the public.

Note: I have several pieces in the works about this case but new developments are now coming fast and furious. Rest assured, that there will be much more to come in the following days.

Image: Rickwells.US




This guy made a living out of threatening and manipulating Debbie Wasserman Schultz's political enemies in order to make them tow the line. Clearly this skill-set transferred into his personal and business life, where he routinely abused and blackmailed associates and tenants.

The man clearly thought he was untouchable.

Hey thanks for adding a real comment @thenumberwang, you're absolutely correct. This speaks volumes about his character. Intimidation and threats seem to be central components here. Laurel, one of his tenants, spoke about how he tried intimidating her and they had a lot of passive aggressive interactions. With so many properties, there may be more former tenants coming forward.

Classic sociopath. Maybe even psychopath.

This is why we need term limits on everyone in Congress, Senators especially. When the cronies can't stay in power then the need for strong arming will be diminished. But it's likely not gonna happen and therefore we have to wait for one of the World's religious deities to show and do for us what we can't do for ourselves.

I can't believe they are still rolling out the 'right wing conspiracy' BS and folks believe it! Just goes to show the idiocy of the masses. This aspect of the Imran Awan story is an interesting development as I've been waiting for you to post about his 'tragic demise'. I've never been more convinced that his handlers will cut their losses and he'll be another to add to the list of unusual deaths linked to the DNC/Clinton Crew. Thanks for keeping us up to date with this story mate, you're work on this has been exceptional.

Chris Gowen, Awan’s lawyer, has ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton. He worked for the Clinton Foundation, their campaigns, and served as a travelling aid for Bill when he was President. I don't know if there's any connection or if it's just circumstantial information but I think it's interesting to say the least.

It's absolutely relevant. Imran Awan is not working alone, there's a coordinated network at play. Being DWS' IT staffer for years, and not to mention as an IT staffer used by another 20 congressional democrats, you can be certain that this criminal network will try to protect and control their asset/agent (Imran) from legal penalty. Moreover, they need to keep him close so that he doesn't reveal any information pertaining to the network.

It's full on! Thanks for following this story and for your investigative contributions!

Sickening, but unfortunately its not at all surprising to see the moral depravity of yet another Wasserman-Shultz associate. She is right at home in the cesspool of corruption in Washington D.C. The hubris and disdain for the law displayed by Awan are the defining characteristics of these corrupt miscreants.

Even more unfortunate is the very real possibility that Awan's belief that he is above the law will be proven correct. Its clear that he has a lot of dirt on a lot of powerful people. Lets hope Awan and Wasserman-Shultz aren't, once again, able to blackmail and coerce their way out of trouble. They need to be held accountable for their crimes.

Yes, excellent comment. Imran most likely has dirt on dozens if not hundreds of powerful people in DC. Another reason that they have a Clinton lawyer representing him is so they can keep him close and attempt to control further information from becoming public. I do not think for a second that Imran will turn on the Clinton criminal network, but it would be incredible if something like that were to hap[pen. Of course, he deserves to be incarcerated for the rest of his life as well.

The Washington Post is still trying to whitewash this scandal? We are barely scratching the surface here and they say there's nothing to see?

Seth Rich's murder is linked to this, along with several others who have died suddenly. Personally, I am losing hope that the full truth will ever come out, and I'm doubtful justice will be served. This scandal is just getting dragged out deliberately so people give up and forget.

Well I wouldn't say 'still' as they have only just finally acknowledge the Awan case but if you're referring to Seth Rich, DNC, CF, DWS ... then yeah absolutely they're still trying to cover this thing up with distractions (Russia) and lies.

I agree with you that it's super frustrating to watch these investigations get drawn out until people lose interest. I do think that the crowd sourced investigation is proven to be much more difficult for TPTB to control.

I also can't believe that GW is still alive and even more puzzling is he hasn't had his YouTube channel banned yet.

I don't trust GW. He comes out with lots of stuff but something doesn't quite fit. That's just my opinion.

I like GW, but it's true that somethings don't quite fit. However, I trust him far more than the msm.
He has done some phenomenal research though, as well.

Very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote Evidence never lies
Keep smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!

He seems like a sadist sociopath to me.

That is about scandal muslim women isnt @v4vapid? Multiple women in relationships with Imran Awan, the indicted former IT aide for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have recently called Virginia law enforcement and alleged being abused by him, police reports obtained under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act show. Officers found one of the women bloodied and she told them she “just wanted to leave,” while the second said she felt like a “slave,” according to Fairfax County Police reports obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group. A third woman claimed she was being kept “in captivity.” The third woman is Awan’s stepmother, Samina Gilani, who said in court documents that Awan invoked his authority as a congressional employee to intimidate immigrant women, in part by telling them he had the power to have people kidnapped. All but two of the nearly two dozen Democratic women Awan worked for in the House declined to comment on the police reports.

Yes, but it relates to the investigation of Imran Awan and the spy-ring in the US congress and the criminal network that he's a part of.

nice post you.

@v4vapid. The shit gets stinker.

Well, all I can say is I am glad that those woman have the courage to speak and I hope that the justice will be made

sorry ... no one gets to play the race and religion bias card when they have a demonstrated history of being a serial abuser.

Great enjoy a lot want to see more of this in future. @v4vapid

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thought of you as soon as I read this latest- more to add to the endless pile of Awan data!! :)

Wow amazing...

Amazing post @v4vapid ! What do you think the outcome of this will be ? I am hoping that their will be some indictments of a certain special Congresswoman

I would love to see that too! It's very hard to tell what will happen.

My guess is that if the investigation gets to close to exposing the power players involved in this criminal network, I hate to say it but there will be some 'event' or 'false flag' to take control of the narrative. These people are ruthless, they will not go down quietly. Since much of this investigation is online... that would be a target for them. To shut down the investigation i imagine they will try to silence people on the internet with some kind of event.

Just as plausible would be that witnesses and investigators could be targeted. Think of the cover up surrounding the death of Vince Foster and the 'Arkancides' in the Clinton's home state.

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Excellent post.

If these are the quality of people at the 'bottom of the pile' on dung heap called governments, how bad does it get - the further you go up the tree?

You can guarantee the worst are at the top - It's why they are on the top.

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