Squiggle Challenge #2 - Win SBD

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Welcome to the Squiggle Challenge!

Squiggle Challenge #1 Winner - @becometheartist

This challenge is about FUN and a winner will be chosen at random with Steem Winner

This is solely for a laugh and community connection, you don't have to be a professional artist. Pencils... paint... digital... crayons.... whatever you wish to use, just create something with the squiggle below and share it with us.

1st prize: 30% total payout

2nd prize: 20% total payout

3rd prize: 10% total payout

Enter as many times as you like but only 1 prize per person.

The more upvotes, the higher the prizes!


  1. Create an image from the squiggle below in any medium.

  2. Flip, rotate or mirror the image in any way, just keep the original lines.

  3. Create your own blog post and link it in the comments

  4. Tag #SquiggleChallenge as your first tag

  5. Upvote, Follow & Resteem

Most important rule of all..... HAVE FUN!

Winner will be picked on Sunday 7th January AEST


Use this Squiggle below

Squiggle 2.jpg

Here's my demo!


😊😊😊Good luck everyone and have fun!!!😊😊😊


Thanks for joining in @luck.digger. Very simple yet creative and appealing. Good luck in the draw!

este es uno de mis favoritos, el minimalismo que hay en estas formas... que genial

Love it! You're definitely good at drawing characters! Kinda got a Donald Trump haircut lol

Thanks bro!! haha yeah and some would say the guy too looks like a politician lol. :D

Woah man that's super cool! Thanks for being the first entry and for taking the time to make a gif. Legend!!

What a great comp!, how could I resist. Cheers

Here's my entry. Thank you for the challenge. Had a lot of fun while doodling this. :D

Hahahaha that is super cool! I love so much how creative everyone has been with such a simple squiggle. Thanks for entering and good luck :)

Here is my post:
Here is just the entry:
I am calling it "Cyber Monday."
Thanks for hosting!

cyber monday.jpg

Hahaha I love it! Got a good laugh and such a true one for this day and age.

Thanks again for entering not 1 but 2 pieces of art!

que serio esta este dibujo! me gusta un montón

Gracias! Esta listo para la fiesta 😀

Wow!! Really didn't expect anything so amazing! If it was based on skill you'd be a front runner for sure. It's a random comp so good luck!

Thank you, 😀 it was a really good exercise. I enjoyed a lot.

@spaceginger this is very creative, as a lover of art , I find this encouraging, mirror this to our day to day activities , it goes to show that out of every tiny pieces we can create something meaningful.nice initiative, keep it up.

muchachos aca les traigo mi ultima entrada que en realidad fue el primer dibujo que hice cuando vi este concurso pero dudaba en si publicarla o no, esta un poco fuerte


hey si va! mañana intentare dibujar algunos garabatos :))

hermanos aca tengo otro garabato haha me gusta mucho este evento no se si solo era uno por persona pero mi intención es compartirlo con ustedes :)

Oh woah!! Thanks @josegodox for creating so many amazing, weird and wonderful creations! Good luck in the draw!

:) thanks to you @spaceginger for bringing this fun quiz

This is another one :) I had never tough that I could draw again like a 1st grade. This was a very fun experience!!


Hahaha drawing like a child again is a big part of the fun isn't it? Thanks for joining in and good luck!

Thanks @becometheartist! Once again you've come up with more than 1 great idea. I'll be running the SteemWinner very shortly. Good luck!

Thanksies! Nice to see so many funny entries this week !

I'm not 5 years old, I promise but the squiggle showed me a turkey or a hen. Is this a psych test


Hahaha that's heaps funny! Thanks for joining in. No definitely not a psych test, I've personally never had such a good laugh doing one of those. Good luck! :)

The winner is: emilygiovanna!!!

1st place congrats! I will transfer the prize shortly :)

No Winner!! No upvotes on this post... :(

The winner is: mrsquiggle!!!

The winner is: ausbitbot!!!

The winner is: sugar.tumonggor!!!

Lol! which one is that...seems to be voting upvoters vs. valid entries.
Shows it's random though :)

Yes I know!! So painful right now :( Sorry to everyone! SteemWinner I believe may only work on posts less than 7 days.... which isn't really helpful so I'm using Dorabot.

The winner is: thabiggdogg!!!

The winner is: fatogunalex!!!

The winner is: what-is-life!!!

Winners are....

1st Place - @emilygiovanna
2nd Place - @fishyculture
3rd Place - @alejandrocpte

Please see this video as I had a few troubles with SteemWinner 😕😕