Cheers to Friday!

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🤤 mmmmm

The lemon drop martini is my favorite boozy beverage. Especially, if it is made on the sweet side. I was lucky to enjoy this one by a cozy fire. The flames lent this whole scene a warm orange glow.

What exactly is a lemon drop?

A lemon drop is a type of martini with vodka as its base (though limoncello can also be used). The drink is made with vodka, triple sec (or Cointreau), fresh lemon juice and simple syrup. The ingredients are muddled, shaken and chilled with ice in cocktail shaker, then strained into a martini glass. The best are presented with a sugared rim. 😍

So freaking delicious! 🍋

According to, the beverage was first invented by San Francisco bartender Norman Jay Hobday sometime in the 1970’s. They can be made more on the sweet side or more on the tart side (or a perfectly balanced combination of both). I always enjoy mine sweet!

Have an awesome weekend friends!


💛 dfinney

Photo taken by me at Nectar Lounge. Seattle, WA 2019. Photo originally appeared on my personal Instagram. Post originally appeared on the now defunct

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With Mrs W due to drop anytime soon, I've been "dry" since before Christmas (just in case), so have a drink or 3 for me. 😉

This will get that baby to drop. 😂

Not a mixed drink fan but lemon martini sounds ookay

They are great. If you are anti froofy drinks you can have them as a shot without the sugared rum.

CHEERS to you, my sweet [email protected] and a 🍸toast🍸 to a beautiful life!
Take care 🥰🌺🤙 and a ton of hugs🤗🤗🤗! Have a lovely weekend!

Cheers! 🥂

Gotta say, that sounds really good!

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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You guys should make a few at the block party! 😍🍋

Mighty fine idea😜

Cheers DimesFinney! Hope you are well!

Thanks @plaid! Meh... I am OK. Life ha being kind of an asshole however.

Hope you guys are good. 🤗

I just read your post. I'm sorry to hear about how things have been going lately... We'll keep you in our thoughts! Stay strong @dfinney!

Thanks @plaid. 😌

Enjoy yourself @dfinney
My Weekend doesn't start early enough, two more nights and no rest for the wicked.

Does this mean it is your weekend now? If so... enjoy.

Sounds delicious, I would need to make mine on the tart side .....Enjoy my friend!!😀

Lemons gone tart are good too. 😉

@dfinney keep us posted about your Mom.....


Sounds delicious!!!😀