Monochrome Monday in Seattle

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It was another gray day in Seattle this weekend. Though the photo below is edited to black and white, it isn’t too off the mark from how things were looking in real life.


Looking towards Seattle’s Great Wheel and a Washington State ferry as it crosses Puget Sound.

Since the start of the year, life has been pretty melancholy and monochrome for me. To shake my doldrums, my husband took me on a downtown Seattle adventure on Saturday. Our first stop was they city’s famous Pike Place Market.


Pike Place Market is filled with fresh meats, seafood, produce and flowers. There are also an endless number of unique shops and tasty restaurants.

The inclement weather meant Pike Place Market was slightly less crowded than normal. We visited some of our favorite spots (a record store, coin shop and a movie memorabilia shop). After some browsing it was time for lunch at The Athenian Seafood Restaurant and Bar.

The Athenian is a Seattle institution. The restaurant first opened in 1909 as a bakery/lunch counter. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and every seat has a spectacular view of Puget Sound. (My monochrome photo was taken from our table). The Athenian gained international fame when it was featured in a scene from the movie Sleepless in Seattle. Since 1993 countless tourists have visited just to sit at the same counter as Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner.


I ate a delicious grilled chicken sandwich, while my husband had breakfast.

After lunch the sun started to shine! It has been a particularly dreary winter in Seattle. Seeing the sun and a hint of blue sky was soul awakening! Plus, it made for a pleasant walk from Pike Place down to the Seattle waterfront.


Blue sky!!!


Headed down the Market hill climb towards the water.


Looking back towards the city.

The Waterfront

Our main destination for the day was The Seattle Aquarium. Something about seeing the fish, otters, marine mammals and seabirds is always so relaxing. Plus, being near the ocean always peps up my spirit.


Seattle Aquarium at Pier 59.

The aquarium opened in 1977 and today houses six major exhibits. These include:

  • Window on Washington Waters
  • Life on the Edge
  • Pacific Coral Reef
  • Birds & Shores
  • The Underwater Dome
  • Marine Mammals

A $120 million expansion is slated to open in 2023. The new Ocean Pavilion will include a 350,000 gallon shark tank as well as a 20 acre urban park. This will be the centerpiece of Seattle waterfront renewal and is set to showcase Seattle as a worldwide center for ocean health and research.

A current “fan favorite” at the Seattle Aquarium is the Giant Pacific Octopus. Full grown these clever creatures can have a 20 foot arm span! Yet despite their large size the octopus can still squeeze its body through a hole the size of a lemon. These octopus are able to change color and texture depending on their surroundings and mood. They use their tentacles not just to feel, but also to see and taste! Octopus also independently evolved to have eyes like humans (even though we haven’t shared a common ancestor in 600 million years). When viewing the giant pacific octopus, you definitely feel him viewing you back. 🐙


The cephalopods are native to Seattle waters.


Some views within the Pacific Coral Reef exhibit.


Under the sea.

The Seattle Aquarium is home to three handsome harbor seals - Barney, Hogan and Q. In the wild harbor seals live mostly solitary lives in a single area. They are not known to migrate except during breeding season if necessary. Harbor seals can grow up to six feet long and weigh approximately 300lbs. Their thick layer of blubber keeps the creatures warm and helps them float.


This is either Barney or Hogan.

One of my favorite parts of the aquarium is the northern sea otter exhibit. Four sea otters currently live at the aquarium. Three were brought in as rescues who could not be rehabilitated and released, one was born at the aquarium. Sea otters are part of the weasel family and live approximately 20 years. Seattle’s three oldest sea otters are each around 20 years old. The youngest otter is five.


Sea otters have the densest fur of any mammal. This nearly brought on their extinction as they were heavily hunted for the fur trade from the late 1700’s to early 1900’s. Aggressive conservation efforts have increased their populations, but certain geographic populations are still considered threatened.

Our aquarium visit only lasted 1.5 hours, but it was great to be out and about. I loved seeing the sun and sea life. Lunch beforehand was lovely and quality time with my hubs was great.

Here’s hoping for more of THIS in 2020.


A couple of sleepy nuggets. 😄


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The rain and grey monotone colors of winter or lack of color have been getting to me as well, this outing looks great and must have been a nice break

It was a nice break. Today we have a bit of sun too! Normally I would be getting out of town this time of year. We actually have a tripped booked for Arizona and Nevada in just a couple of weeks. But the timing with mom stuff means things are likely getting cancelled. So.... more gray days ahead. 😕

Sorry to hear your trip didnt work out, lets hope you get more sunny days, we actually had sun today but it was weird as it was a very cold day well very cold for here LOL

What an awesome way to spend Saturday @dfinney!!😀
So were they tossing the fish in the air, at Pike Place Market?😳 I would love to see the Seattle Aquarium, maybe the next time someone drags me down to Seattle we might check it out....I had no idea the Aquarium was this impressive!!!

We skipped the fish throwing area, but I am guessing the fish were still be tossed. 😄 The Aquarium is nice. Sounds like it will be much fancier in a couple of years.

I try to avoid the traffic, but sooner or later I end up going down to Seattle. This would be nice to check out!!!
I forgot the date your Mom was scheduled to go in, did this already happen???

PS...I just back tracked to your post.....I realize it's Feb. 25 ...Prayers continuing my friend !!!!!!

Super cool city. Hoping to get back there one of these day’s. 2 days was not enough.

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Come back! Ha ha, but you will have to tell me when you’re in town instead of just popping into my work unexpectedly. 😉

Wow!! More than just a #monochromemonday collection!!
looks like you both had a wonderful day!! Beautiful photos with descriptive details... thank you for sharing your journey with us!!


Thank you for calling all of the stuff to my post! Trendtoken, tipu, alliedforces, untersatz... Who knew there was so much stuff?!! 😍

I hope you are having an awesome day! 🤗

You are most welcome my friend... it's how we will rise above all the other platforms...

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Catching up on your posts @dfinney, I am so sorry to hear about all the issues at home, it's a lot to take in all in one go. Make sure you get plenty of rest yourself during these couple of weeks as I imagine you're going to be busy looking after your mum after her ops. Take care

Thank you! Yeah... this year is not turning out great so far. Between worrying about family in Australia with the fires, and mom... it feels like a year has been crammed into 2 months.

I am really hoping the rest of 2020 chills.

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So many sights to see in Seattle!!! Are they still doing the famous throwing of large fish across stalls at the Pike Market? Very colorful photos of sea life in the Aquarium!!! Wishing you lots of fun times throughout the year, sweet sis @dfinney! Take care 🥰🌺🤙 and lots of love ❤️ to you always!

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They do still throw the fish. But mostly only when folks are buying the fish. In the summer I swear there are more people watching the fish toss than buying seafood! 😂

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