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Well, when it rains it pours...


My poor pooch Jasper has gone and stuffed up his back!

It all started Thursday last week. Both of our dogs spend work days with my mom and dad. Thursday evening mom says to me, “Jasper didn’t want to get on the couch today.”


My dogs are cuddlers. They spend most of their days cozied up with me, my husband, my mom or dad. So hearing Jasper spent his day on the floor should have been a bigger warning to me.


The normal situation.

On Friday I worked from home. Jasper didn’t come downstairs to sit in the bed behind me. I thought it odd, but then ignored the obvious sign. He and I did go to the vet on Friday. Jasper had a small ear tumor to be biopsied. His mood seemed funny but things weren’t clicking.


The ear tumor.

Saturday was a quiet day at the house. Jasper was getting down steps but was being funny going up. Like he couldn’t get the momentum to propel himself upward. I was concerned but was hoping a day of rest would turn things around.

Sunday we had plans with my husband’s family. A cousin was visiting all the way from Perth, Australia. We dropped the dog’s at my parents with the warning that Jasper seemed more delicate than Thursday.


A couple of Seattle sites with the fam after brunch.

Our vet was closed Sunday and then again on Monday because of the President’s Day holiday.

By Monday things were obviously wrong. Jasper wasn’t going up or down the two steps into our yard. He wouldn’t get on or off the couch. He was walking fine but not his normal self. I decided to call the emergency vet. However, since things didn’t seem like an emergency they would not see Jasper until Wednesday. OOF! I decided to call our regular vet first thing Tuesday morning.

Then everything shat itself.

Something was happening outside. Jasper ran across the living room and made a leap for the couch to try to get up and look out the window. He didn’t have enough momentum and ended up bouncing off the side of the couch and landing awkwardly on the floor.

And that is when his back legs stops working properly. 😰

Jasper’s back legs began wobbling and he kept stumbling over himself. Then he froze with the saddest look in his eyes and began to whimper. I bent down and lifted him into the couch (making sure to support his front and back ends). Then he let out the saddest squeals I have ever heard.

We went straight to another emergency vet.

The vet determined Jasper was having a spinal issue. It is quite common in dachshunds because their short legs do not provide enough support to their long backs. The vet gave Jasper methadone and sent us home with two other pain meds and an anti-inflammatory steroid. We were instructed to put Jasper on strict crate rest for two weeks.


Hubs, Kodi and poor crated Jasper.

My husband stayed home Tuesday to keep an eye on Jasper. In the meantime we set a follow up with a veterinary neurologist on Wednesday. Well, the neurologist called from the emergency clinic and asked us to come back for the follow up.

On Tuesday Jasper’s condition didn’t improve.


Back at the vet.

On Wednesday the neurologist recommended an MRI and surgery. The MRI showed Jasper had a badly herniated disc. The padding between one of his vertebrae had pushed out and was pressing on his spinal nerves. This was causing pain and impeding the movement of his back legs. There was also a risk of paralysis if the disc jelly continued pressing against his nerves. We agreed to the surgery. My husband was at work, but my dad came with me to the vet for support.


Post op.

The MRI plus surgery took about 2 hours. They also removed the tumor from Jasper’s ear. The vet said for his age, the rest of Jasper’s spinal column looks pretty good. Our little man spent the night in the hospital and I was able to bring him home yesterday around lunchtime.


The incision!

The first day home was rough. He is on lots of meds and cannot walk. Plus, his bladder control isn’t great. The vet said this worsening of Jasper’s condition is expected and he should start improving after a couple days. I was super excited that I fashioned a sling out of an old sheet last night and was able to help him potty outside.


Kodi checking in on his big brother.

My husband and I brought a mattress into the living room last night. So we will alternate camping out here for the next month. Did I mention Jasper is on 4 weeks strict crate rest now? I took last night’s shift.


The set up.

Today Jasper is still resting, but his appetite has improved. We made it “outside” a couple of times and he was able to do a subdued doggie head shake. Though he can’t walk yet he was able to some weight on his back legs, so these are all good signs.


Almost 10 years, from puppy to today. ❤️

It has been a rough few days, but I am happy baby Jasper is on the mend. We love him so much.

Next up... surgery for mom on Tuesday. 😐 Oof!


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Awww, poor fella! Our Dane is getting up there now and I imagine he'll start having a few issues soon enough. Gotta take care of family, regardless what species they are :P

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Hi friend! Hope you are doing OK. I am so wrapped up in shit here I barely know what is happening on steem or around the world. What is happening post tornado? Are you and your people OK?

As for my pooch... he had a follow up for his back yesterday and is progressing well. And he got the stitches out in his ear. The mending has begun. ❤️

Ohh that must have been so tough but glad to hear Jasper is on the mend and I hope he has a full recovery

He is on the mend! 2 weeks out from surgery now and his recovery is going well. ❤️🐶

Thats great news :)

@dfinny I really don't know what to say... Our prayers go out to You and the family and Baby Jasper. I am so glad that the surgery is showing signs that it will be the fix he needed. The two together look so cute, there is something special about dachshunds, and like I mentioned a while back my dachshund that I had as a kid had back problems too...
We joke about our furry "children" as being Silver, Gold and Platinum.....Vet cost😳
But isn't it worth every penny, the Love they give is so unconditional😍

Let us all know how your Mom's procedure goes...
Much Love @silvertop and @elizabethbit😍

Silver, gold and platinum! 🤣😂 This has definitely been a Gold month for the dog. But he had his 2 week follow up yesterday and the vet was super happy with Jasper’s progress.
So that felt good.

They are our children, you had way too much in the beginning of this year. I hope your Mom is doing better, will they let her go home soon?

Mom has had a rough few days. She ended up in ICU for 4 nights with complications and actually just got sent back to the surgical floor an hour ago. I am betting she will be in the hospital 10 more days. She is getting better but has a long way to go.

Make sure you and the Hubby get your rest, it's so easy to run yourself down with what is going on with your Mom, and she will need you two....
We will continue to keep your whole family in our

Wow! Our pets are our children, and I am so sorry that Jasper and you guys are going through this. It's hard when they hurt as they can't tell us just where it hurts. I'm glad that the technology is there to help our pet children out in times like these. Our prayers are with you @dfinney and Jasper, for healing and comfort. We are praying for your mom, too. Take things one day at a time.🙏💕 Take care, my friend.

Thank you so much @elizabethbit. 🤗

Little Jasper is on the mend which is a HUGE relief. He saw his neurologist again yesterday and she is really happy with his progress so far. So I am so glad we did the surgery.

That's great news! I am happy for you all! Take care @dfinney and have a wonderful night!🤗💕

Poor Jasper!! What an ordeal for the poor pup. Hopefully he recovers quick, it's so hard to watch your pet be so sick. It's cute that you guys pulled a bed by him and keep him company, I do the same. If it brings you any consolation, I had a really old cat and her eye was really messed up and it was likely going to kill her, after her amputation, she lived 2 more years to almost 20 years old. Chin up, Jasper has the best parents in the world to care for him and he knows that.

Hello friend!

Thank you for your kind words! Jasper is doing a lot better now. He is still on crate rest, but two weeks out from surgery now he has made great improvements.

Hope you are well! 🤗

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I hope Jasper is recovering well, sweet sis! I know that Jasper is around the best couple who loves and care for him! Keep us update.

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Hello! Little Jasper had his 2 week follow up yesterday. The vet is super happy with his progress so that was a huge relief. Only two more weeks of crate rest to go!

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