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Hello friends!

If you have been following along, you know that I have spent most of 2020 worrying about the health of others in my family. Both two and FOUR legged!

So here is where we are at today.


Mom’s surgery was on February 25. She went into the OR at about 9am and the surgeon closed up around 3:30pm. Such a long time. I spent the day at the hospital with my dad. One of the nurses would call every couple of hours to let us know how things were progressing.

Luckily the surgery went down without a hitch and mom’s doctor was able to take everything out as planned. (1/2 pancreas, 1/2 stomach, full gallbladder and part of her small intestine.) Removing everything probably took about half of the surgical time. Reattaching all of the bits took the other half.

After surgery she was taken into recovery for two hours. We were finally taken up to her floor around 5:30pm and able to see her at about 6pm.

She was super out of it. We did exchange a few words. Surprisingly she remembered the conversation the next day!

As for her tumor... initial testing is indicating the tumor is not malignant. However, a full work up with a definitive diagnosis won’t be available for another couple of days. Keeping our fingers crossed that all will be well on that front.

Since surgery I have seen mom every couple of days. She still sleeps a lot. They have gotten her out of bed to stand a few times. They also helped her walk down the hall two days ago. On that day she was also perky enough to watch some of her favorite daytime shows (General Hospital... 😂).

When I visited yesterday she was in a lot of pain. The nurses initially thought it was just a typical post surgery thing. I guess a couple days after surgery they usually start to hurt a bit more. After adjusting the dosage of her pain meds the doctor decided her pain might be gas! 💨 😂 When the digestive system starts to kick in again it apparently doesn’t feel so great. But this is a good sign!


View from mom’s room. If it weren’t for the clouds, she would have a great view of the Cascade Mountain Range.



My boys, Jasper and Kodi.

Jasper is our almost 10 year old dachshund. We have no kiddos, so Jasper and his dachshund brother Kodi are definitely our babies. On February 19th Jasper ended up having emergency back surgery for a badly herniated disc. Post surgery he lost bladder control and the use of his back legs. 😥 The doctor let us know with four full weeks of strict crate rest that Jasper would recover.

Well, we are almost 2 weeks out and he is improving a little every day. 🎉

The first couple of days Jasper slept a lot. (Just like mom!) He is more alert now and eager to play (which is great except he is still on crate rest for three more weeks!). His back legs are working again and getting stronger. Also, he is back in control of his bladder.

Jasper has a follow up with his neurologist later this week. Then will see him again on the 16th. He is to see an oncologist on the 16th too. 😢

When Jasper had his back surgery, the vet also removed a small but fast growing tumor from Jasper’s ear. Well, while mom was IN SURGERY the vet called me to say Jasper’s tumor was cancerous.... 😑 (F-off 2020!) They hope that surgery removed the entire tumor, but we are meant to follow up with the veterinary oncologist to make sure. 😐

In other news

Travel is the one thing that makes me feel most alive in this world. All of the stuff happening here at the home front means vacations have been cancelled. First time in my life I have ever cancelled a trip... let alone two.

We were meant to see the Boston Bruins play the Vancouver Canucks in Vancouver February 22. It didn’t happen. Luckily I was able to sell our tickets and get a refund on our non-refundable hotel room. (Thanks Best Western!) Also, the Bruins got thrashed in the game.
Probably for the best we didn’t see it happen in person! 🤣😂

We also cancelled our big trip to Nevada and Arizona. 😪 I was really looking forward to this one. Three days Vegas with concert tickets and an amazing casino swimming pool, two nights Grand Canyon with a room right on the rim, one night in Sedona and two nights in Scottsdale. Luckily everything was refundable or insured except for the flights. Maybe we’ll get a redo in the fall or next spring?

As a baby would say... wah wah wah!


In other fun news, I am apparently living in the epicenter of the USA’s corona virus outbreak. Wee!!! 🎉 Over the weekend there was a rush on bread, TP, hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol at the local grocery stores... stupid. Just wash your hands people! And don’t touch your face.

Happy March! 🦁😄

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I will pray for your Mom, so that her pain will not be too much. I know what pain is after surgery. And let us hope that Jaspers ear situation... I hope they are able to remove all of that. Glad to know that his back legs are working again. The Grand Canyon, LV and Arizona... you will just have to reschedule. So happy that you got your full refund!
Thank you so much for the update, sis @dfinney. Everything will be okay (is what my Mom always tells me), and MARCH will be better!.
Luv ya always, sis, take care 🥰🌺🤙 and a ton of Hugs 🤗💕💋

Good news about your mom!
Hopefully things get back to normal soon.

Sorry about your dog, but it's great that they caught it when they did.
Don't give up on 2020 yet! :)

So sorry @dfinney, thats more than anyone needs to carry my friend....and now we have this Justin son running the show ......🙃

Praying for your mom, Jasper and for you and your husband @dfinney! It seems at times that life's curve balls can be totally overwhelming! Just breathe and know this community is with you! Take care of yourself and stay healthy!🤗💕🤗

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