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RE: Color Challenge Sunday - Purple

in #ssglifelast year

Very informative and enlightening. I've not seen one of these, but then I spend most of my time in the mountains. I would love to see a purple starfish. Besides, purple is my favorite color! Thank you for sharing.


I feel like while the ocean and the mountains are both great some people are energized more by the wildness of the forest and others more by the sea. I am definitely drawn to the water the most. 😊

These starfish used to be all over. It has been a bit since I saw one. I might need to walk down to the marina and have a look under the Boardwalk today.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Let me know if you see another. I rarely get out to Birch Bay but if I do, I will have to look and see if there's one. Have a wonderful night and a perfect Thursday!!