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The introduction of DIGITAL GOLD comes as a good response to the challenges that are faced by Gold dealers and investors around the globe. Digital GOLD is designed to act in the spot of the physical Gold for portion, adventure, and other benefits. DIGITAL GOLD is built on the innovative blockchain development and its unique features in fairness, security and transparency. This is one of a kind blockchain feature that makes DIGITAL GOLD undoubted quality.

It is well known that the use of Physical Gold has always been sorted after for a long time, where Gold filled in as store of critical worth and adventures. In any case, there have been issues of theft, insecurity and lack of trust.
hanks to the blockchain innovation that has provided a decentralized platform where DIGITAL GOLD is provided with a high degree of fairness, security and transparency.



First and foremost, DIGITAL GOLD is a project that has been built on blockchain technology to empower individuals to invest in gold digitally.
GOLD token is a cryptocurrency built on Ethereum blockchain with a comprehensive use to make it easy to buy, sell and store gold. Buying and saving GOLD TOKEN is the best way to deal with challenges of security and one can also have any proportion of DIGITAL GOLD anonymously.

Everyone who wish to buy assets in physical gold in this digital era, must go in for GOLD token (an ERC20 based token).

I need readers to remember and appreciate the fact that every GOLD TOKEN one buys or have is 100% backed by physical gold and this physical gold is put away securely in a trusted vault. Users don't need to have any doubts as the right proportion of physical gold is put away in the secured vault that can easily be verified by everyone.

Yes! Customers can all check and confirm the proportion of real gold here The Audits done here is done by an independent agency. This is very important to show confidence and security in Digital gold.


When it comes to liquidity, investors don't joke with liquidity, they don't have to get worried as there is adequate GOLD to serve the titanic solicitations that comes with GOLD. DIGITAL GOLD takes into great consideration liquidity and this allows anyone to have the option to buy and sell any proportion of GOLD the individual wants using the GOLD TOKEN. The DIGITAL GOLD marketplace is open at all time, day and night; this allows anyone to trade ETH OR BTC FOR Gold at any point in time.



The marketplace is graciously organized with a simple and user friendly interface that allows customers to trade ETH or BTC with GOLD TOKEN, and you have to understand that the GOLD TOKEN is a DIGITAL GOLD and 1 of this ERC20 Based GOLD TOKEN can be compared to a 1 gram of 100 % physical GOLD.

The Group has made it very simple for anyone to buy and sell GOLD through the MARKETPLACE. As a matter of importance, one need to have a compatible ERC20 wallet, it can be a Trust wallet, Imtoken wallet,etc. These wallets can easily be downloaded from Google play store. One may equally opt for MEW or some other Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 tokens.

The marketplace is made in such a way that when one types the proportion of ETH or GOLD TOKEN to trade, the right proportion of Gold tokens displays. This allows you to get the opportunity to decide to trade or not.

Obviously, GOLD TOKEN is supported by GOLD whose price hardly fluctuates, you may decide to hold down your GOLD token and trust that a higher rate will come up. Bear in mind, the price of the DIGITAL GOLD is preceded by the price of a Gram of Physical Gold at each time.

To make things more interesting, the team behind DIGITAL GOLD is planning a late incorporation of an extra 2000 grams of GOLD, which is and equivalent to 2000 GOLD TOKEN.

This is great news to GOLD investors and other individuals that are new to the DIGITAL GOLD platform, don't miss this unique opportunity, forget physical gold and go modern with DIGITAL GOLD backed by blockchain network.

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