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For a long while, gold has been regarded for its very own value. Coins including gold came into prominence about 800 B.C. As the years went by, people have continued to keep faith in gold for a number of reasons. Societal and economic demands have put a motivating force on gold, along these path proliferating its value. For many people across the globe, people see gold as a good security against several economic challenges in times of scarcity.

Gold & Blockchain

In modern times, with blockchain stamping its feet as a secured and transparent platform for record keeping, similarly as bitcoin is fast becoming popular across the globe and with asset-backed cryptocurrencies on the rise. There is a great rush for incredible riches that is happening today in the world of cryptocurrencies. Likewise, some countries are planning to create their own kind of cryptocurrency. This is a great sign that physical gold is fast becoming digitized.



Digital Gold is a venture based on blockchain, designed to digitize how people deal on the gold market. It seeks to accomplish this by allowing customers to purchase digital form of real gold.

With an Ethereum ERC-20 based token, a customer can perform transactions on the platform with the token anywhere in the world, without getting stressed over tricky trade charges, considering the charges that comes with most trading platforms. Customers are also allowed to make unlimited transactions since the organization doesn't provide much restrictions. Customers must also appreciate that transactions eventually demand the gas' fees charged by the Ethereum network. By this way, GOLD token customers are charged a little percentage of their gold token holdings. This charge is done on a daily basis to keep the platform running. It is also fundamental to consider that the fees charged is made for all intents and purposes, or lower than the costs that comes with saving gold in a storage vault. Customers would have to cover a 0.99percent yearly stockpiling fees.


​As to whether the USD is the most popular currency in the world, when the estimation of the dollar drops as against various money related measures this situation push people to run to wealthy assets such as gold to guard against unfavorable economic situations, thus such case projects gold rates. The price of gold has almost also expanded some place in the period of 1998 and 2008, going to the 1,000-an-ounce achievement in mid-2008 and also repeating same around 2008 and 2012, reaching the 1800 - $1900 mark. The depreciating of the USD in the USA happened for different reasons, including the nation's huge spending plan and trade deficiencies and an immense expansion the money supply.

Gold also provides some great form of security. This can be described as a period where costs fall when business activity moves back and the market is upset by unusual commitment, during the time when the market is down, the comparable gaining force of gold bounced while various costs fell emphatically. This is because many individuals store their wealth in physical cash and besides the most important spot to hold money is in physical gold.



The world is changing at such a great pace, GOLD Token is a great way to promote enthusiasm for GOLD. The Digital Gold project didn't create any Coin Offering, as no crowdfunding event has been conducted. Every single endeavor of the project are self-financed, thus any procurement of this GOLD token adds to a brief sharp understanding that is based on the acquisition of gold.

The overall rush for the gold market has also come up, however the projection of gold Trade Traded Assets (ETFs) beats the $100 billion cutoff points. Through the GOLD token, at the moment the metal is prepared to be more than the standard wealth stockpiling structure and a great investment tool. Through the rightful application of blockchain technology, gold as a token would be widely available for trading on several platforms including the official website of the project.



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