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It is an obvious fact that gold is seen as a precious asset. As one can clearly see, the advancement of gold has always been on the rise with each passing day. Gold has always been seen as a promising venture for many people. To make your gold prospects increasingly great, one may exploit the Gold ERC20 token by making use of Digital Gold.

The GOLD ERC20 Token will make it easier while in transit to store, purchase and sell their gold holdings digitally. This would help ease the limitations which normally comes with gold dealership. This is a true fact since Gold tokens have a high level of security. Each Gold token is backed by real gold and that makes it a viable investment option.



Each Gold ERC20 token is equal to one gram of gold that has an approximation of ninety nine% amount of gold that is placed in a vault securely and can easily be verified at any point in time without any issues. By making use of ethereum blockchain network, the acquisition of Gold tokens will be executed rapidly by making use of the Digital Gold platform.

In making any transaction, users will not be compelled to pay any additional charge. Crypto currency exchanges can simply be utilized in a simple manner but as a step with the measure of Gold tokens one has. Gold tokens can easily be used to make various forms of business transactions.

Storing gold as Gold tokens has much advantages than putting gold in private safe or banks. Making use of Gold tokens will save users from wasting money unreasonably on storage charges just as the traditional means of stockpiling.


There are many benefits that comes with making use of Gold tokens from Digital Gold. Below are some highlighted benefits that comes with the unique Gold token;

There is high level of anonymity that comes with holding Gold tokens.
The use of Gold tokens allows users to have a great respect of privacy. As one may probably know, while one need to purchase or interchange gold in the normal practise, there is the need to reveal some key personal details. This is not the case with Digital gold as Gold token owners only need a compatible ethereum wallet address.

There is always high liquidity on the Digital Gold platform and this makes it easy and convenient to buy Gold tokens on the platform at any point in time and with unlimited amount of money.

Gold has always served as a good security to protect riches. The price of gold has a good history of having longevity for a number of years. Again, the gold purchasing price does not easily drop over time hence it makes it a potential asset to store riches.

The fact that Gold tokens are attached to real gold can save you from being misplaced due to poor market circumstances. Gold tokens can easily be bought, sold, or transferred.

There is also great protection that every token holder can be guaranteed. This is simply due to the fact that each gold is backed by real gold and also insured by a trusted venture. Again with the issue of protection from danger, saving gold anonymously comes with no danger of robbery, misfortune, and other unfavorable circumstances. Through the use of Digital Gold tokens, one can easily make use of gold ventures effectively and efficiently.


Acquiring gold has always been a stressful process for all parties that are involved. Digital Gold platform has favourable conditions on its own Marketplace. GOLD tokens can easily be traded for digital currencies which includes predominantly Bitcoin and ethereum.

This marketplace is made with modern trends in technology to help project the objective of the project. The buying and selling of gold tokens is controlled by transparent agreements and exchanges.

Customer support is always online to help individuals with questions and assistance to navigate through the marketplace and other features of the platform.

In order to promote competitive liquidity for GOLD, it has been listed on a number of popular and trusted exchanges. GOLD token can conveniently be bought or sold on Bitforex , Livecoin and Cryptex.

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