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There have been tales about a young girl born with silky hair and brown eyes, the envy of wingless fairies. They said her eyes were like shiny pearls, given by the gods themselves. Her hands, though small, were dexterous and endowed with the spirit of King Midas. Anything she touched turned to gold.

This is the story of Sofia, the girl with the reed flute. They say she was given the rarest of gifts and held the gods awed whenever she chose to use it
It is said that once Sofia sat under a tree, in the heat of noon, blowing a sweet tune on her brown flute. The birds could be heard tweeting a harmony; one that spoke of the many beauties that life gave.

Sofia would until until mother nature frowned her face. And this she did with such passion until the moons grew red with grief and the suns stood still in reverence of what had happened. Her flute lay broken at the feet of he who had stolen her heart. Tunes became the nightmares of the happy fairies.
Do tell Sofia that her flute is broken; she has no use playing!


Sofia, your flute is broken

Smiles.... Sofia's flute is broken

Hmmm,how can we get sofia another flute now? Smile

Lol. Probably from the gods or we use glue for the broken flute

We can't decide for the gods,so let's usr glue gently... Smile

Lol. A super glue