Boost thy confidence

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If I tell you that you can take your confidence to the next level with just FIVE simple steps, would you believe me? Of course, you won't. But it wouldn't hurt to try.


  1. Flush out negative people from thy life. When you don't this, all that will be left will be positive people (unless all the people in your life were the negative ones 😂).
    With positive guys around you, you're a notch up on the confidence ladder.
  1. Appreciate/Compliment/Encourage people. Whether it's a stranger or a friend, everyone feels good when he's complimented. If you give out compliments, people see you in a good light. You would even feel good about yourself.

  2. Look good. But be careful not to go to the extremes to achieve this. If you don't have muscles 💪, you can build some, if you can't build them, just wear nice clothes. Besides that, wear a captivating smile.
  1. Be knowledgeable. Now this is very important. Getting knowledge is simple; read something everyday. Replace most of your musical albums with meaningful audio books. Don't stop asking WHY.



    1. Help people as much as you can. This singular act is enough confidence booster on its own.

    That would be all for now.
    Be kind enough to share your experiences/thoughts on this.

    Cheers 🍻


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