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This causes for celebration. Steemit reaches it's 1milion account. Wow. People are seeing where the future is going right now.
Steemit has some amazing features that no other social media has

  1. Get paid for blogging
  2. Make friends around the world
    3.become more smarter by reading interesting articles
    4.learning tech

Financial benefits
Moving on from making $0.01 on a post, and writing a post everyday to $2.00on a post and writing in a couple of days is funny right ?, but i didnt give up. I have been able to network with people find my niche here and now i continuously contribute to the platform no necessarily because i need the rewards but because it feels like something i really enjoy doing. My life has become an inspiration to others all because of steemit. i can now make trips on my own without consulting anyone, i can choose to see movies at the cinema because steemit has empowered me to do so and i have been participating and will continue participating in contests. i am being and acting all independent. I am happy i was introduced to steemit.

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