Colossal Appreciation

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All praises and Adoration is due to Almighty Allah to him alone is worthy of our worship.
Indeed, I'm overwhelmed with joy today. I must say I'm blessed with the best set of people life have encompasses me with.

While I was still rolling on my bed, prayers, calls, messages etc. starts rolling in as if it was more than the day I was born. It was a fun filled, amazing and a fascinating day.

I am writing this little words to appreciate all and sundry whom have took out of their limited time to celebrate me, I pray you will all be celebrated! (Aameen).

To the giver of life Allah(SWT) I'm now down in worship to say Alihamdulilahi.
To the path which I took down to earth (My parents) Mr and Mrs Olajide who told me I was born today, May you live long to reap the fruit of your labour.

I will be ungrateful if I fail to mention some Well wishers that makes my day a memorable one

Firstly to my school of thought. Liberal Movement LAUTECH Under the leadership of AG HOLLA NAWTY,
Liberal Movement Logistics 17 Under the commander of Attorney Planet. I say a very big thanks to you all. Am happy being among this set of intellectuals.

Liberal Movement FABAMSSA under the umbrella of my amiable PA (PA DONKENNY), I say thank you and God bless you all.
Biochemistry class17 my fellow metabolites, you are all wonderful. I say thank you all for the undiluted wishes. May Almighty Allah preserve us all for better life after school

My project mates. You made my day Fabulous. I say thank you Sirs/Ma

Irepodun Local Government Student's Association (ILSU), my home. I say thank you all. You shall all be celebrated for Good.

FEDERATION OF OLODE STUDENT'S ASSOCIATION LAUTECH, My residence, I appreciate your wishes and messages, thank you all.

Lest I forget, my hostel mates. The Oxfordites, You are indeed a wonderful people. I say thank you all for making me feel honoured on my day.

More so all the personal messages, calls, status updates, timelines updates too many to mention were duly acknowledged. May you all be celebrated for good.

However to those that I have not been able to mentioned, kindly forgive me. I accept the blame.
Hitherto, I Say a very big thanks to you all for the wishes.


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