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It's no more a news about the incessant robbery going on in and outside the school. There are lot of report from the students,who have been victims of one or other robbery cases at every area most especially UNDER G AND ADENIKE.

On this note we implore every student that would be coming to night class should always have their student Identity card with them. Either from faculty, department, the school ID card or any means of identification as a student to differentiate our real students from the evil doers, men of the underworld who has taken pride in robbing us of our properties.
In view of this the union president LAUREL will be moving round with the security personnel tonight 24th of July 2018 to some student areas and arrest will be effecter to anyone wondering around at those odd hours without means to identify such person as a student. So please to avoid any form of embarrassment and other assault we kindly plead that every student should go out with their student IDENTITY CARD

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