I keep wondering

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My grandpa told me
to never be on time,
It just shows you’re
Conforming and playing by their rules.
He said not to be too early in time,
You can imagine being in the 70s without technology, without watching T.v not even black and white, no mobile phones to communicate.
I wondered how we would have lived without these things, it sounds difficult and seems so difficult already.
He said there’s nothing worse than their rules, kid. I remember him always, in the smell of his cologne bottle I reach for every morning.
He told me how loyalty meant a lot, still part of the rules, how love meant everything, materialistic things was far from them.
He also said how my grand mother would stare at him. Wide eyed and marvelous with so much love and admiration.
I keep wondering if we seeing the best of the world or the worst of it? With all the technologies, crazy and amazing things coming up as we see the morning sunlight, so many things seems so normal and ok, things that were forbidden in their time or could it be these things existed in their time. I keep wondering.


The world is getting crazier by the day.

Love, loyalty and not being materialistic is more important than technology.

I think, things were easier back then but love still means everything now.
Thanks for sharing