Story of Amina

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My friend Amina came to me telling me the worst thing that had just happened to her, I related it to my mom. "Mom my friend Amina, my best friend is going through a difficult time now. When her Dad passed out there weren’t aware of the loan the Dad got from the bank, there weren’t aware what the loan was used.
When her Dad was sick, they family spent so much money in order to get him better but unfortunately he passed away.
Just after that, the family were ok getting along with life and forgetting about the past.
Recently, the bank came to their attention bringing documents about the loan which the Dad got from them(the bank). The bank is Demanding the only house which which was a collateral which means the loan was so much.
It’s really sad couple up with the current situation of the country, Her world seems to come to an end, things are difficult in our country.
When things like these happens, people get so desperate to do bad things, anything that could get them wealthy they would do just to do it.
Life could get so tough, some people padding but through such situations, where wil they live, sometimes I feel it’s good to appreciate the little things you have.
Amina will be in my prayers, I will try as much as possible to support her and her family, Mom please anything you can do for them please let’s support my best friend.


That's really awful, he would have told them about this..

May God be with her and her family..

This piece is touching. I pray for providence for such people in faction -- in the real life.

hmmm i don't pray to experience such ooo.

But last last, this is life. Nothing runs smoothly in life. We just have to be grateful when we have good circumstances around us because we can't truly tell if we would be able to survive what others are facing out there