We will triumph over worst situations

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It is no surprise neither is a mystery that those who endure the most pains are the strongest people on this planet.
A lot of people who go through pains, it could be mentally, physically or spiritual pains. But those who endure these pains and come out the strongest from it are usually the strongest, toughest people on the planet earth.
Despite the bitterness of the world these people come out the strongest.
When hardship comes early, it molds us,
the pain thicken our bones, our marrow now golden plated and somehow like a lion tough.
I give credit to the toughest people out there, people that strive when hardship hits them, people that go through depression but still come out the strongest, people with no food on the table, no bread to eat but still got the toughest and thick skin, striving to put food on the table for their loved ones.
All the good things done, hardship will never go unnoticed as someday victory will be your name, the universe observes and watches.
I ask everyone of you, including myself,
May we always stay strong, through the waves and imbalance, through everything.
May we lean on each other,
Our shoulders a pillow for
Our brothers,
Our sisters,
Our dear ones,
Our strangers,
Our animals,
And what ever we treasure.
We are all in this together. Whether we choose to believe that or not, we will triumph over the worst situations of life.


I share your thoughts bro.. Despite the tribulations.. We will still stand tall.. You give up only when you quit and quitter are not winners so lets be determined.. There is light at end of the tunnel.. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for this piece.

I however have some additions. Your first tag is important. It determines the category your article falls into.

We have the power to triumph over every situation..

Very encouraging and motivational, but to strive in any situation we need each other