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I've always had a say
In how my light will burn
sometimes it makes me pay
for every wrong turn

Poetry as we know it today has really gone through series of evolution, so much so that a lot of the old timers think we have diluted it a little too much with our 21st-century madness.

There were days when poetry was used solely for the purpose of romance or to pour out very deep emotions that stem from the soul of the writer. These days most people have really abused the beauty in the art of literature and this bi-weekly contest aims to correct that, bringing poetry to what it used to be.


Now I very well know that you have the right to diction, but also remember that this is a contest and we will very well pick the best of the best from all of the submissions. That being said you should note the following:

Since this is our very first week, we will begin with a very interesting topic:



  • write a poem of "4 stanzas" that portrays the feeling of happiness (you must not necessarily use the word happiness in your poem)
  • You must use "stachpoetry" as your first tag and "stach" as your second
  • upvote this post and resteem it
  • Drop a link to your poem in the comment section here
  • Drop a link in the stach discord poetry channel here(optional)
  • All submissions will be valid till the 10th of July exactly 12:00 am GMT +1


  • Winner = 5SBD
  • 1st runner-up = Honourable mention on the next post and a special upvote from our community account
  • 2nd runner-up = Honourable mention on the next post and a special upvote from our community account

I look forward to seeing some of the most inspiring poetical pieces ever written on the steemit blockchain.

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Great one, am so given this a trial....

Yay!!! I would definitely give this a trial

Am definitely gonna participate in this. Thanks for the opportunity @stach

That's great I love this.
I pray to win this contest
Thanks for an opportunity to showcase my poems.
Here's my entry

Thanks @stach for always promoting creativity.

This is my link.

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