Starbucks Free Holiday Cup

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Starbucks’ red cups, holiday drinks return Friday: Here’s how to get a free reusable cup

I think Starbucks makes holiday cups every year. People love and hate them... because it says Christmans or not Christmas enough or something... idk
This years holiday cups were released today

I think they are all festive and I like them all.
Plus, they were giving away, free collectible holiday cup 👇

Green cup is just a regular holiday cup, the red one is the reusable free holiday cup. It is just a cheap red prastic cup and some print on it 😂 but I like it. It was free 🤩

Green cup is nice too, but I am sure some people will hate this one just because...

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Is this something only Americans enjoy?

Not just america... normally they have special drinks and cups in Japan too.

Oh yeah Japan too, the US and Japan always get the cool stuff, when is Romania's turn? We have Starbucks too, I want Christmasy cups 🥺

Romania loves Starbucks? Some countries hate Starbucks like Australia or something... they don't get special treatment.
But you can always go to Japan and get some limited time stuff ;p

I mean not love love, but yeah we like a Starbucks once in a while.

I wish I could go to Japan, but I can't. Hopefully one day I'll make enough money so I can tell my boss man that I'm going to Japan to get a Starbucks coffee cup instead of fixing the bugs in his projects 😂

No... Romania has to love love LOVE Starbucks 😂 but yeah I can't go to Japan either. I don't want to go to corona jail AND I have to fix 10 bugs a day 😭😭😭

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