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RE: To all Long-Term EOS Token Holders

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Hello, Kyle. How are you? I see that very worried and to be honest I am also (or actually I was, not anymore). I explain ...

Like you, I have followed the development of this new technology very passionately. In fact it was one of your videos (the one that compares the EOS token with real estate, very good analogy by the way) that brought me closer to this new blockchain.

In my case, I am a developer and I was looking for a blockchain to "get married" and develop all my ideas for Dapps on top of it. In addition to the problem of plutocracy I came across the problem of high speculation costs without control over the RAM resource.

TELOS has been the solution to my problems. They have solved the problem of whales and over speculation of resources. They have also introduced very promising aspects of governance that make it difficult to corrupt the system. I must admit that I do not think it's perfect, but I do see it much better than EOS currently has.

Personally I have left the EOS blockchain. I have no expectations and I really do not see a solution. I have all my strength (and projects) devoted to this new TELOS blockchain that I think can compete seriously with his older sister, EOS.

Hope you are well. You do a great job for the community, both with your videos and militating for the benefit of all. Thanks for that constant effort!


Hi viterbo,

Thanks for your kind words.

I'm glad you've found an eosio home on Telos :) I hope it does well and can teach those of us who remain on the EOS main net a thing or two.

My perceptive on this dirty game playing by china BPs :

EOS is clear threat to Ethereum, and chinese have invested insane amount of money ETH mining (BTC mining too).
But they do not want to let ETH die, hence they are playing this dirty game with EOS so that, EOS holders will leave EOS and the reflex will be seen by downfalling of EOS, which will certainly benefit to Ethereum.

Thank you for your valuable information about Telos @Viterbo
After reading your information about Telos, I've investigated more about Telos on their pages Telosfoundation and downloaded their Whitepaper.
Here I get information that all EOS owners registered before June 1, genesis snapshot would receive Telos token relative to how many EOS they had at the genesis snapshot, but capped at 40,000.
I have some Eos token registered before June 1st. You have received many new coins but have not received any Telos.
I see that Telos listed on Coinmarkecap.
When will these Telos be awarded to those registered under Genesis snapshot?