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StartFi is a Web3 based Multi Channel Network for NFT Creators. Creators can Mint NFTs through StartFi Network to create unique digital assets (videos, series of websites, digital art, music, albums, etc.), empower communities, and share rewards. Fans, thus, can uphold NFT creators through raising funds, upvote designs, promote the artist, hold or participate in fan conventions, and other creative activities. In exchange, fans will receive rewards, revenue shares and exclusive digital assets as associated token holders.

However, STARTFI is developed in 2021, which is a pretty good year for the crypto market especially those that develop NFT technology. Therefore, the project has numerous other companies competing and needs investors.

What are the challenges faced by the project:

Absence of diversified investments

Absence of investments of fundamental value

Absence of convenient alternatives for investing

This is the core of the problem that STARTFI needs to solve for the current market circumstance.

Faced with that circumstance, the project team came up with an extremely effective arrangement that they created a completely new platform specifically designed for the NFT markets. StartFi offers NFT creators, buyers and sellers a safe and affordable chance to possess and participate in the ever-changing dynamic NFT marketplace.


An Ethereum-backed, completely decentralized non-fungible token that permits NFT creators to create unique digital assets and sell them through an Initial NFT Offering (INO). As a content creator, you can create unique NFTs for content like digital art, music, video, and more.

With a simplified process, speedy funding and releasing mechanisms, nothing will prevent cash streams from reaching content creators, influencers and celebrities.

Governance Protocol


Completely Decentralized

Starting NFT Offering

Trusted Pools

Private Auctions

The right STARTFI opening answer for users

Printing NFT

Mint your NFT and start selling your digital content immediately. "Your Original" music, digital art, video or any content you own.

Raise Fund For Content

In case you are a well known enough and have a good proof of work in digital content industry, then it's your time to start pondering creating a major project, even in case it is a documentary video. The fans and community will decide.

Sell A sponsorship Contract

For teams like e-sport teams, It will be a challenge to sell your sponsorship contract in a sale utilizing NFT. What a world that converting everything into digital? be a part of this revolution.

Fan Token

For large publisher and celebrities, you can create your own token to give your community a unique products, special NFTs, and let them show some loyality.

StartFi planned different activities to help the NFT ecosystem, including the underlying NFT offering, monetization/sales, digital rights management, production, audience coordinating, cross-advancement, rewards distribution, partner management, etc. It additionally offers more advanced alternatives, for example, time locks, DAO choices, milestone unlocks, private pools, and cross-chain swapping.

Above are the very significant details about the project that I have learned about technology and features.

In the accompanying section, I will introduce activities to firmly develop projects around the world

STARTFI has completed private and seed funding rounds adding up to $1.4 million.

StartFi is determined to change mining scope and purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our NFT ecosystem unites content creators and potential buyers in a unique, mutual benefit way.

The project's vision was met with keen interest, as a number of investors around the globe helped propel the principal phase of this mission. Investors include:

Sparkle Digital Capital, MXC Exchange, AU21 Capital, Exchange, x21 Digital, Blocksync Ventures, DFG Group, Youbi Capital, Angelone Capital.

Numerous popular companies are cooperating with STARTFI for further development. In particular, you can see that there are two significant exchanges that are MEXC and These are extremely liquid exchanges on the blockchain market

STFI Tokenomics

Token Allocation

Token For Sale: 21%

Rewards: 25%

Partnerships: 20%

Liquidity Fund: 7%

Team and Advisors: 17% – founders (9%), advisors (7%), early team members(1%)

Foundational Reserve: 10%

Private Round

Price: 0.07$

Raised: 1,400,000$

Portion: 20,000,000 STFI


Token Use Case

Reward: STFI will receive rewards from Pool distribution revenue and NFT exchange fees.

Governance: STFI Token Holder fans will actually want to vote on new proposition, add new features, and backing creators on the platform.

Exchange fees: All transactions and platform fees will just use STFI tokens.

Staking: Several types of tiered staking pools will be available in the future.

How and where to purchase STFI tokens?

STFI has been listed on several crypto exchanges, unlike other significant cryptocurrencies, it can't be purchased directly with fiats. However, you can in any case easily purchase this currency by first purchasing Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, BNB from any significant exchange and then transfer to the exchange that offers trading this coin.

Check the links below for more information:

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