Great, Wish you all success! Looking forward for great posts from you. Do follow me back and curate my contents.

Hi @nganine, Welcome to Steemit. The best way for you to find friends is to keep writing everyday. Talk about what you did today, or something that might have happened a long time ago. We all have stories and people will be interested, even people from other countries. After you write a blog always check other peoples blog's here on Steemit. Leave a detailed comment. Comments like "great post" are too common. When you leave a comment you might add in something that you experienced that is similar to something that happened to you. Think of comments like mini blogs. Also what will help you is to make an "Introduceyourself" blog. There you will mention a more detailed description of yourself. Check out the different introduceyourself blogs so you can have an idea of what you might write about. Also I seen that you only used one tag. I would use the maximum of 5 tags. Make sure all the tags you use have to do with the blog you are writing about. You will only use the introduceyourself tag one time, that is on your introduceyourself blog. Also if you can put a picture in your blogs. It is best to use your own pictures. If not you can use some pictures from I use that site all the time. Just make sure the picture you use mentions "Free for commercial use. No attribution required", cause you don't want to get in any copyright trouble. Also make sure the picture you use has to do with the blog you are writing. Also there are a lot of beginners just copying and pasting articles from the internet. You don't want to be like them. People that do that will lower their reputation score. You want to keep your reputation score going up. So talk about yourself. With everything you do today and tomorrow and the days to come ask yourself, can I write about this? Then take some notes so you don't forget and write about it. Even if is about walking to the store. You can talk about what you thought about as you were walking. Also a lot of beginners follow people without even reading their blogs hoping the people they followed will follow them. This is not the way to make friends. The way to make friends is to write something as best you can. Go over it many many times looking for mistakes then post. After you post it is time to read other people's blogs. Only upvote the one's you really like. Only follow the people you really like reading blogs from. When other people read your comments they might check out your blogs. That is why I say write something first then go and read others blogs and make unique comments. This is how others will notice you and they may checkout your blogs. That is how you make friends on this site. I hope this helps. Also make use of tools like I wrote so much here I might even turn it into a blog. Take care. :)

Since you're new on steemit, here's some advice I give to newbies on steemit:

  • never just copy a text or publish a photo/video without explanation. Always add some text (you did that just fine)
  • Always use all 5 tags for more visibility.
  • here is an interesting site where you can look up the stats of your account and others.
  • this is another stats site where you can see your reputation and what to do to climb up the ladder. (commenting other posts is very important).
  • commenting other posts is very important because you get "curation rewards" which means Steem Dollar from the pot for the article as a reward for the interaction.
  • learn the Markdown styles to format your posts (you can find how it works in a link on the right side below the text box)
  • A lot of votes on steemit come from bots that you (or others) can pay for a vote. Depending on the bot, you end up with more $$ than you had before. The best bot I know about is the @minnowbooster. On his website, you can look up how much you can send him for an upvote (it's the big chart at the bottom).
  • All bots work pretty much the same way: You go to your wallet and click on the little arrow next to the Steem Dollar amount. Then click on transfer, fill in the name and the amount and add as memo the URL to the article for which you want an upvote. Very simple.
  • Here is a site where you can compare the performance of difference upvote bots.
  • There are also resteem bots, but I don't find them too useful and don't know which one is good.
  • Be careful with your password and watch out for scamming attempts. Several big accounts got stolen and now they try to lure others into giving away their password by posting comments with links to fishing sites.

I will follow you now. (<- always add that to a comment when you intend to follow the person who wrote the article. This way, you increase the likelihood that they follow you as well.)

I hope I could help and if you have questions -> just ask;-)

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