Learn from others - Startup Journey / part 18

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Startup atmosphere is a rapid changing event. once you enter, there are too many tasks to do, decisions to make and take, pivots to consider etc
In such a fast ecosystem, you won't have too many chances for failure and mistakes. one of the ways to avoid such incident, is to learn from others!

Startup and entrepreneur stories brings you the success secrets and life lessons of their great life and experience. These entrepreneurs reveal what it takes to be successful today and how young minds can achieve great heights by aspiring and dreaming.

Reading the stories behind the successes and failures, is the ultimate university of life of an entrepreneur. I searched the net and bring this as an example to you: https://www.lendgenius.com/blog/10-entrepreneurs-inspiring-stories-of-startup-success/

one of the most inspirational and teaching life stories for business developers is Richard Branson's:


Entrpreneurship is successful only when there is certainty in the economic affairs and new entrants are broadly appreciated by old experienced businessmen

i have to disagree
being creative is a characteristic not a choice. and most creative ppl will start their own business after a while

yaa such a very nice information and give motivational information by the stories and i also want to become a entrepreneur...........

i love these influential people.

whoa! these guys is awesome!

yes they are!