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In the beginning,
I prepared myself to think of something
That is of value to write on paper
The paper is blank, and suitable
For what I came up with to be able to write down

Not for entertainment,
Or an addition to intelligence
But a moment to read something that is of value

Preparation, is the key word
To start with something what I have prepared
Not something that is of value
But a platform, a place
A place where I'm taking you
To show you what I came up with
To let you read what is of value
It is not this blank paper anymore

I'll take you to a prison
My prison of sentences and words
The liberation is
when you have read the last words of value
That I have written down

It is in this prison, that I will put you in
And I will close the door of this prison
After you entered the cell
But I don't hold the key of this door
You hold the key
You are the bearer of the key

How long is this going to take?
The duration of your imprisonment
Is not for me to decide
And I have not the knowledge
How long you will be in this prison
Again, only you know,
how long you will be in this prison

What is the key, and how does the key look like?
When you come to the last page of this book
And you have read the last word of this book
That is the key and also your freedom
Free from this prison of words of value

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